DARTMOUTH: No More Hard Alcohol. Ever.

Hard alcohol has been banned from Dartmouth’s campus. Entirely.

President Philip Hanlon, in an speech given to students and faculty yesterday, delivered the ban among a host of other proposed changes to battle against “complaints that have tarnished the school’s reputation.” This prohibition comes just a week after Brown’s announcement that barred unsupervised alcohol service in all dorms, frats, and other residences. According to the language of the announcement, hard alcohol can’t be served in any capacity at a Dartmouth party or event, nor can it be kept in students’ possession. The working definition of hard alcohol in this case is anything with an ABV over 15% – so that includes your liqueurs and various add-ons.

The Wall Street Journal article describing the ban laid a pretty hard burn on President Hanlon, calling his directives “largely absent of detail”; they include big, broad ideas such as a sexual violence prevention program, something called “consent manuals,” and – perhaps most importantly – giving all frats a final ultimatum to either “reform or disband,” although specifics of what those reforms would look like weren’t made clear. To add to the highly generalized language, the plan also calls for bartenders and bouncers to be present at “social events,” which presumably means officially recognized events rather than underground dorm fiestas. Nor was there specific information on how this ban would be enforced: will surprise residence hall checks now search for illicit bottles? Or will a more passive approach allow for a quiet enough bending of the rules? Some Dartmouth students see the new move as a “scare tactic,” and, much like the case of the recent Brown ban, students wonder just how effective it will be at all. To paraphrase the words of one particularly concerned commenter, what are the gluten-free kids going to drink now????