Ivy Profs Sign Petition to Destroy America

Just kidding. There’s no petition to destroy America. But professors from Columbia, Harvard, Brown, Cornell and many other schools have signed a petition to support Weather Undeground co-founder and McCain boogieman Bill Ayers. While Obama is trying his best to distance himself from this Columbia Teacher’s College ’87 alum, 2150 professors, university-related people and plain, old normal people (like the National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg!?) have publicly declared their support for Ayers. From the petition:

Dear friends and colleagues in the field of education,

It seems that the character assassination and slander of Bill Ayers and other people who have known Obama is not about to let up. While an important concern is the dishonesty of this campaign and the slanderous McCarthyism they are using to attack Obama, we also feel an obligation to support our friend and colleague Bill Ayers. Many, many educators have reached out, asking what they could do, seeking a way to weigh in against fear and intimidation. Many of us have been talking and we agree that this one gesture, a joint statement signed by hundreds of hard-working educators, would be a great first step. Such a statement may be distributed through press releases or ads in the future

What crime did Ayers commit, to so draw the ire of McCain and company? Well, he participated in bombings of the New York City police headquarters, the Pentatgon and the US Capitol building to raise awareness about Vietnam, among other issues. Nobody was hurt in these attacks. Ayers now teaches at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Did your professor sign the petition? Would you sign it? Write in and let us know.