Welcome to Graduate School, Please Don’t Shit in the Shower

The_Male_Bathroom_Etiquette_by_kousetsukitsuneThe residents of the dormitories administered by Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are a diverse bunch. With so many students coming from different backgrounds, it’s hard to guarantee that all of them have had access to American-style porcelain in their home countries. And even if they did, were they using it properly? Doubtful, because you haven’t even been using your bathroom appropriately if you’ve ever blown your nose, brushed your teeth, had sex, or vomited anywhere in it.

To make sure the new grad students don’t bring any of those bad habits to the Best College in the Universe, the GSAS housing administration offers residents an absurd little pamphlet titled “Bathroom Etiquette.” Sources tell us the Harvard freshman don’t get this, rendering the gift all the more sad for 23+ year-olds. The information covered is simple enough, but some of it is shocking when you realize people had to do this stuff a lot to earn it a spot in the pamphlet. Organized into what is inappropriate and appropriate to do in the shower, toilets, and sinks, the concerned student learns how to govern himself in the mystical chamber of secrets found down the hall. Read the rest of this entry »