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We’ve briefly woken up from our spring and summer hiatus (a.k.a. our office job) just in time for the back to school rush, all in the hopes of finding a new editor who will bring IvyGate back to its former glory. It’s a pretty fun time running this site – you’ll hear and write about some inspiring people, debate rumors of bodily injury, and endlessly shit on Dartmouth.

While it’s definitely helpful as an editor to know Ivy League students and be familiar with the schools, it’s not necessary to be an Ivy Leaguer yourself.  And while past writers for IvyGate have shared a sharp, smart voice that’s just serious enough, there is no need for you, potential leader, to have had professional editing experience. The most important factor to being a successful editor here is the willingness to reach out and discover potential leads from all sorts of sources: college blogs, breaking media coverage, hungover text exchanges with your friend at Cornell. If you can spin a story that’s both snarky and investigative out of a third-hand rumor, you’re perfect for IvyGate. Interested? Possibly interested? Not really sure, but still reading? Give us a shout at We can guarantee, if nothing else, global fame.


RagTime Sept. 5, 2006: Memo to Self: Tell Providence About Tax Disincentives

RagTime Sept. 5, 2006: Memo to Self: Tell Providence About Tax DisincentivesIn this first-ever edition of our daily dailies roundup …

Hey, kids! Want to wake up real early and write RagTime for an audience of, um, several? Run don’t walk to!

New Haven Gets That Much Lovelier

New Haven Gets That Much LovelierYou’re never exactly glad that summer is over, but still, there’s something happy and hopeful about arriving back to campus for the first day of school. The weather is changing; you’ve got a slate as blank as your new Five StarTM notebooks. You’re taking an exciting Harold Bloom seminar, that cute Kevin might ask for a date, and maybe you’ll even try out for OH MY GOD WEST NILE VIRUS IN NEW HAVEN!!

As if everyone’s favorite urban hellscape wasn’t charming enough, it’s now a cesspool of disease-carrying mosquitoes, the YDN reports. Two New Havenites have been diagnosed, including one fatality, and on Thursday a new case was reported in nearby West Haven. Some quick IvyGate math tells us that means a) there’s a 50 percent death rate and b) THE TERROR IS SPREADING.

Yale RAs freshman counselors handing out back-to-school kits might do well to include some DEET with the usual off-brand condoms and anorexia brochures.