Columbia, where correlation equals causation

The administrative heroes over at Columbia decided that the best way to solve the university’s major sexual assault crisis and amend for their general mishandling of assault cases is to cancel a school-wide concert. Most publicly-reacting students have recognized this as yet another misguided move, and likely part of the school’s continuing War on Fun. The concert was supposed to be held this fall and artists were already secured; now the school has to pay the unnamed artists $55,000 for nothing.

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Columbia Spring Concert Lineup: Ghostface Killah, Of Montreal, and Wiz Khalifa…?

Via Bwog, Columbia’s interestingly-named Spring “Chewbacchanal” just released its rather questionable lineup: Ghostface Killah (haz-been rapper), Of Montreal (steakhouse-sell-out hipsters), and Wiz Khalifa (???). Judging by the comments on the post, according to quite a few Columbians, the musical medley leaves much to be desired. One commenter, Anonymous, hopes.

April Fool’s prank.

While another queries,

who are these people?!!?

But our favorite back-and-forth is definitely the following:

Uhhh: really? wtf? yale gets MGMT and we get this?!

mgmt: actually cancelled on yale and brown…. so considering that, we are in good shape!

im pretty sure: that was an ivygate april fools prank unless i missed something.

We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry. Not dance though. Definitely not dance.