Asian Males at Yale Learn How to be Sexual Dynamos

Back in February, the Asian male community at Yale received a crash course in how to score dates (or at least one-night stands) with their fellow lady peers. Time to put down those textbooks, gentlemen — pick up some serious game, throw logic out the window and let the tiger out of its cage, because your official love guru is here!

That would be J.T. Tran, a self-proclaimed Asian playboy and CEO of ABCs of Attraction (Dating Service Co.). Tran claims to know the secret formulas of Asian seduction, and teaches his students how to boost their confidence when approaching their targets (read: tall, blond babes). Sounds innocent enough, right? Let’s hear from the maestro himself, shall we:

A guy needs experience. This is the dirty little secret about successful guys. You may have your eyes on some tall, handsome guy that all the girls rave about, but the dirty secret is he’s probably good in bed. He’s probably slept with X amount of women, and that’s why girls like him. He’s confident, both outside and in the bedroom. You don’t get that level of confidence by reading romance novels and watching porn. You get that in real life. I encourage guys, especially if they don’t have experience, they need to get some under their belt…

So let me get this straight…these guys should bang as many chicks as possible and harbor no regard for their feelings whatsoever? How lovely! Of course the Yale campus could really use some more sexism right now. And Asian men were our last hope.

But I digress. Who, at the heart of it all, is to blame for all this sexual repression? Our answer, apparently: those infamous tiger moms.

From a recent New York magazine cover story:

“Creepy can be fixed,” Tran explains to the standing-room-only crowd. “Many guys just don’t realize how to project themselves.” These are the people whom Tran spends his days with, a new batch in a new city every week: nice guys, intelligent guys, motivated guys, who never figured out how to be successful with women. Their mothers had kept them at home to study rather than let them date or socialize.

J.T. has said that as a child, scoring a B or C on a test would earn him repeated spankings on the butt with a belt. Wonder if spankings now feature in his pickup techniques? Couldn’t hurt.