Cornell Senior Arrested, Charged With First Degree Rape

After an “extensive investigation,” police have arrested Cornell senior Peter Mesko, a member of the school’s wrestling team, The Cornell Daily Sun reports. Mesko was arrested in response to an unnamed female’s complaint that a man entered her room at 5 a.m. on Saturday and raped her. According to The Sun,

 “The woman told police that an unfamiliar individual entered her bedroom and engaged in sexual intercourse with her ‘without her knowledge or consent, as she was soundly sleeping at the time.’”

In New York State, first degree rape is defined as sexual intercourse with another person by forcible compulsion or [with someone] incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless.” First degree rape is a class B felony in New York, and if found guilty, Mesko could face 25 years in prison.

A Cornell Student Pulled A Mike Tyson During Late Night Brawl Outside A Food Truck

A Cornell sophomore channeled everyone’s favorite face-tattooed boxer last night, allegedly biting the ear of another student during a fight, The Cornell Sun reports. The ear assault took place outside Louie’s Lunch, a food truck on Cornell’s North Campus, which was closed at the time.

It is unclear whether the nature of the assault biting and the location were coincidental, or the students just got a little too hungry and impatient. As one Sun commenter so perfectly put it, When Louie’s is closed, you’ve got to eat something.”

According to the Sun, Mini Mike Tyson was charged with assault in the third degree. If convicted, he could face up to a year in prison.

Update, December 2016

The subject of this article recently reached out to IvyGate with the following statement:

The case was dismissed, but I realized that I needed to address my drinking problem, and I took a personal leave from Cornell. I stopped drinking and joined AA. I worked as a moving man and truck driver. After a few years, I transferred to another college. I have done very well academically. I have not had a drink in four years and intend to remain sober for the rest of my life.

With rare exceptions, IvyGate does not delete posts. As a matter of editorial discretion, however, we’ve removed the subject’s name from this post. — Ed.

Yale Dropout Arrested After Making ‘Terrorist Threats,’ Threatening To Kill Children

Allegedly upset over the high prices of Nike’s new LeBron X sneakers, Yale dropout Eric Yee ’12 was arrested Monday after posting comments to threatening to kill the kids he was babysitting. According to The Los Angeles Times, Yee said he would mimic the shooting earlier this summer in Aurora, Colorado. Much to the surprise of everyone no one, ESPN promptly alerted the local authorities, who discovered Yee living at his parents’ house in Los Angeles.

The house just so happened to be across the street from an elementary school and a middle school, and Yee just so happened to have several guns at the house, so the LA sheriff’s department decided to lock him up with a $1 million bail. According to The Washington Post:

“Yee was arrested for investigation of making terrorist threats. Bail was set at $1 million because the threat involved children, his home’s proximity to two schools and several unregistered weapons that have been recovered.”

The Post reported that a bail this high is “normally reserved for murder or other crimes that could result in life sentences.”

At Yale, Yee was an economic major, but withdrew in May for “undisclosed reasons,” university officials told The Post. Yee was also a member of The Leadership Institute, which according to their website, “works to provide comprehensive leadership training for all Yale students in order to produce moral, courageous, and visionary leaders who will serve as catalysts for positive change.” Looks like it didn’t take.