Cornell doesn’t like April Fools’

peel it back

Peel back.

Down at the bottom of this morning’s Bit of News rundown of stories, they included one headline different from the others:

Tiger goes after senators. Four senators are mauled by a tiger in front of a live Congressional session.”

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The Daily Pennsylvanian to Readers: Nobama for You

The Daily Pennsylvanian to Readers: Nobama for YouThe Daily Pennsylvanian – yet again proving true the axiom that Ivy League Dailies have no senses of humor – wants to make sure that you do not enjoy April Fool’s Day. After campus pranksters began placing tickets to a “secret” Obama event scheduled for April 1 in Easter eggs scattered around campus, the newspaper’s “journalists” decided that most students probably wouldn’t be able tell the whole thing was a joke and that they therefore had to “break” the “story.”

For some, April Fools’ Day has come early — despite the “Obama” eggs scattered around campus and the flyers posted on Locust Walk saying otherwise, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama will not be speaking at Irvine Auditorium tomorrow night.”

I guess the DP was worried that some incredibly gullible hopemongers in the student body would fall for the prank, which obviously would have been tragic.  God forbid kids who believe everything they ever see or read should have to suffer the non-existent consequences of their non-actions.

Still, the DP was too lazy to do any follow-up: who was behind the hoax?  What did students think of the hoax? Etcetera.

As our tipster wrote, “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

Happy April Fool’s, folks.