The Greater Dartmouth Drug/Alcohol Crackdown: Four Frats and Two Sororities May Face Criminal Charges… Tomorrow?

Boredatbaker gave sketchy testimony… We investigated, and now have multi-source confirmation: the beleaguered Dartmouth greek system is probably in a world of trouble. What we know for sure is that executives of six Greek houses have met with police regarding underage alcohol provision and also, allegedly, the recent SAE DartCoke scandal. Now, the popo are flexing their legal muscles, preparing to press charges. The busted bros and gals?

Fraternities: Alpha Chi Alpha, Chi Gamma Epsilon, Phi Delta Alpha, and Alpha Delta.

Sororities: Epsilon Kappa Theta and Sigma Delta.

UPDATE: The Tabard, a coed house, is also under investigation.

While reports vary, it’s clear that at least a few of the houses, if not all, will be charged Monday with serving alcohol to minors. Some houses have, according to one source, taken precautions and cut back, checking IDs at the door, but others just “couldn’t give a shit.” Cavalier indeed.

Just when we thought the Dartmouth party scene was out of the woods and that anti-frat manifestos were unnecessary, the Hanover Police get all blustery once again, and the specter of intense bakerboredom looms… Apparently, if these charges stick, the houses will be hit with a smattering of pricey fines, perhaps closing houses and driving drinking underground. Well, if so, thanks for the memories and the lolz, Dartmouth greeks. And also the coke.

Personally, we don’t understand how a school with vomit-parties (“Convention,” look for our coverage soon) and an almost-exclusively frat-based social scene can possibly weather these kneejerk Hanover Police, not to mention the crunchy, anti-bro opposition. While distinctively unfratty schools like Yale and Columbia enjoy police more likely to do a shot with you than shut you in the slammer, the Ivy League’s few Grecophiles get busted for open containers at best. Well, and also the coke. Still, seems counterintuitive… We’ll let you know as the story develops.