Gay Sex Blogger Might Go to Harvard, Cuddles More Than Classmates, Regardless

BoyToyWatch out, Lena Chen: there’s another sex blogger on the Internetz AND he’s not currently in committed, monogamous relationship!

The gay blogger, who goes by “Boy Toy” is placed by some sources as a junior at Harvard. The Chicago locale is just a front to throw you off the scent. Actually, not that hard when 42% of Harvard students have had 0 sexual partners in the past year. (That number drops to 33.7% nationally.)  Although who knows, it could be an aging, diapered Floridian with an overactive imagination.

Boy Toy is keeping mum on the specifics of his identity, although he insinuates he’s a Harvard affiliate. If we hear another creepy nudge-nudge statement, we might petition for an honorary associates degree from the Extension School:

Although I’m not going to pretend like these stories are not somewhat ‘tickled and fluffed’ into a more coherent narrative, every guy has a very real-life equivalent… Perhaps you recognize some of them?

This 2(x)ist wearing commitment-phobe loves to have international sexcapades in in highly narrative detail. One Army hookup’s lips “taste like syrup.” Aunt Jemima, we hardly knew ye.

After the jump, Harvard Boy Toy takes you to second base… and… that’s about it.

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Emma Watson Going to Yale, Incompetent Scottish Mag Says

emma_watson1The List, a Scottish arts and entertainment magazine, has reported that Emma Watson is a “University nerd” headed for Yale come September rather than Brown, as originally reported. Confused? Watson probably is too.

Maybe the bleary-eyed author accidentally clicked on a faux-Twitter posting where a pseudo-Watson said she had accepted Yale’s offer. I mean, New Haven? Really? Who would fall for that?

People Magazine has failed to confirm the story. A recent piece on Hermione’s recent grown-up Interview led with “It’s no secret Emma Watson – a.k.a. Hermione Granger in Harry Potter’s world – wants a degree from an American college, preferably an Ivy League school like Brown.” (Emphasis added.) Smooth, very smooth, People.

Our inside sources say that barring a drastic change of plans, the prize prefrosh is “assumed” to be coming, fulfilling every Brunonian dream of finally meeting their bookish childhood idol.

As of April 14th, Watson, who recently turned 19, blogged that she still hadn’t decided where to go. But it looks like she will be pursuing higher education in the fall, unlike her co-star Daniel Radcliffe (he who famously overexposed himself, with a horse) who set eating clubbers’ panties aflame with rumors that he would be attending Princeton. Only that never happened.

We have one last question: did she get rejected from Harvard? Because she definitely visited.

Tasty-Ass Slices of the Ivy League: Veggie Planet

First we brought you some tasty-ass sandwiches. Then we brought you one tasty-ass drink (via But sometimes you just want to eat pizza. Pizza serves as a flexible blueprint for greatness – like a good sandwich, by altering the basic idea, you can take it in nearly any direction. And you can pick it up by one end and eat it. So three cheers for the ‘zza and IvyGate’s latest (potentially) eight-part series. If you have any suggestions for your favorite local spot and might even want to write a post about it, send us an email at

At Harvard, the usual student haunt for pizza is Pinocchio’s (‘Noch’s), which I find mediocre. I like my food a little more radical. And I dislike their crust. Which is why I drag all my friends to try one of great, nontraditional pies of Harvard Square: the pizzas baked up at Veggie Planet on Palmer St, across the street from Border Cafe and Starbucks.

Drool over more picks with fewer vegetables, practical info, and scant mention of the just-for-crunchies Club Passim within Veggie Planet after the jump.

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The Harvard Crimson on Gun Violence: Too Little Too Late

gamer-violenceThe Crimson published an editorial last week criticizing the German government for scapegoating violent video games in order to explain a school shooting in Winnenden, Germany that killed 15. The paper’s pro-Halo stance was supported by a recent study that playing shoot-em-up games actually improved eyesight. Video games have also been credited with improving mental health, something Harvard students could use. While Yale students and their million dollar Xboxes are clearly training for something, do Crimson editors really know anything about guns ‘n bombs?

Here in the US, video games are a right. Just last week Utah gamers were vindicated when the governor vetoed a bill that would have penalized retailers of tony titles like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Manhunt”. Puh-leeze legislators who think a game called “Manhunt” encourages violence. And GTA definitely isn’t in any way linked to murder, rape, or full frontal male nudity. Right, guys? Like the Crimeds said:

There are simply too many lurking variables—socially awkward teenagers may play violent video games, but so do many perfectly happy teens. We cannot prove that playing the games somehow morphs teens into serial killers… There will always be sociopaths and oddballs in any society or era. We cannot hope to make every single person happy or non-violent.

It’s fairly safe to guess that maybe the Crimson didn’t get to read this article which found out that the killer actually played his favorite game the night before he decided to go off on his murderous rampage. Smoking gun after the jump.

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Ragtime Tuesday March 10, 2009: At least you don’t have meningitis.