Toon In, Drop Out: This Living Hand

For the first few weeks of this academic year, Dartmouth cartoonists were silent. Perhaps it was a respectful acknowledgement that some of their finest talent (Haley Kennedy) had graduated and passed on to places beyond Hanover, NH. Or maybe their classes just started… whatever. Regardless, they’ve burst out the gate with the unbridled fury of a thousand racehorses. Anyway, in addition to some good Dartmouth shizz, we’ve got some more stuff and nonsense from Yale’s own Dave Muenzer and Columbia’s Michael Molina, who it turns out is actually hilarious.  Also, props to Joe Hill (Princeton ’09), who collaborated on this week’s post. All this and more, after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Toon In, Drop Out: The Cartoon Renaissance

Something is afoot in the opinion pages of the Ivy League dailies.  Maybe it’s the fresh enthusiasm for the new academic year.  Perhaps it’s an infusion of talented new editors.  Perhaps it’s a response to public outrage at the appalling degree of apathy that supposedly intelligent and dedicated students display in the quality of their schools’ publications. Whatever the cause, things are changing for the better. Which is not to say that every cartoon published this week was good. Every day, some editor decides that a facile, quippy Sarah Palin cartoon is just what his or her page needs, despite having made the same decision only days ago.  But we’re staying positive, right?  Come see what happens when people actually draw good cartoons, just after the jump.

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Toon In, Drop Out: Hot Librarians

In the past few weeks, the meteoric rise of Sarah Palin has caused us all to stop and ask ourselves some fundamental questions. Republicans crow to one another, “How could you not vote for her? She’s a woman! And she’s cute!” Democrats wail, “How could you vote for her? Just because she’s a woman? Just because she’s cute?” Yes, we’re all asking ourselves some fundamental questions. Is she hot because she’s not afraid to give birth? Is she hot because she’s not afraid to shoot a gun? Is she hot because she looks like a librarian? A LILF, that is. For intelligent answers to the latter question, we turn to the Brown Daily Herald. For lame ass drawings of polar bears, we turn to the Harvard Crimson. All of this and more, just after the jump.

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Toon In, Drop Out: Ars Cartoonica

Toon In, Drop Out: Ars CartoonicaOkay, so we all know this was a big week in for the Democratic primaries. But the number of Obama/Clinton/McCain cartoons printed in the Ivy League this week was absurd. Nine out of the 26 (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) cartoons printed in the Ivy dailies this week were related to the Democratic primary (that’s more than a third). I’ve made this complaint before… and I got to thinking, what’s so bad about it? So perhaps it’s time for a little explication of the standards by which I judge these cartoons – an ars cartoonica, if you will. And, of course, I’ve still got a couple of bad ones, just after the jump.

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The Emperor Has No Clothes! Or Originality.

Ain’t it always the case that when something seems too good to be true, it is? So it was for The Dartmouth‘s April 16 cartoon from Bora Kem ’08, which defied the low standard we usually set for college toons (click for enlargement):The Emperor Has No Clothes! Or Originality.
That is until it was brought to our attention that the entire things was ripped off from a piece by the Investor’s Business Daily Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Michael Ramirez:
 The Emperor Has No Clothes! Or Originality.
All ya gotta do is take the clothes off the character and put the on the rack and nobody will ever know!

Except us. Which might explain why, despite being published in The Dartmouth last Wednesday, the comic hasn’t been uploaded to The Dartmouth‘s comics page. In fact, one student claims to have e-mailed the EIC about these uh… similarities and received no response.

Toon In, Drop Out: Where’s The Shirt?

Toon In, Drop Out: Where's The Shirt?When the weather gets warm, two thoughts above all others linger in the Ivy League student’s mind: Spring Fling (or whatever variation thereof your particular school may have) and the general desire to leave responsibility behind. Or so one might gather from the frequency with which Ivy League cartoons to voice these sentiments.  This week, Brown, Harvard, and Penn obliged the former, while Penn and Princeton did the latter. There were some headscratchers, too; the Prince‘s Mariah Min continues to baffle with her too-nerdy, too-wordy (albeit well-drawn) cartoons (complete with recurring characters). And we had some pretty decent political cartoons this week, too, about the pope and George Bush.  But in keeping with the week’s warm weather theme, we have some hilarious stuff for you, just after the jump.
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Toon In, Drop Out: The Golden Afternoon

Toon In, Drop Out: The Golden AfternoonThis week had all sorts of really serious cartoons… Tibet, China and the olympics, Charlton Heston, which, as we all know, aren’t really funny. And then we had our Campus Issues! cartoons. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know it’s spring, so there will probably be some kind of fling (with – GASP! – alcohol). Then you’ve got your standard Room Draw! cartoon, your Controversial Campus Issue! cartoon (OMG, you mean I can’t transfer to Harvard?), and then a little good old-fashioned Douchebag! cartoon.  And that’s only the beginning.  The good stuff’s after the jump.

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Toon In, Drop Out: Dueling Phalluses

Toon In, Drop Out: Dueling PhallusesOur resident toon-tearer, Donny Dietz, does his thing.

Well, this was certainly a “what the hell” sort of week, and not just in cartoons. The slow but steady rise in tired thesis and MCAT jokes (“Like, OMG, we’re such nerds!”) are a surprisingly accurate measurement of general fatigue and apathy as the semester wears on, both of which were clearly exacerbated this week by post-Spring Break depression. Another emerging trend: it seems that Hillary-Obama cartoons are funny roughly once per week, as many Ivy dailies (Penn is excused for having two, as Obama was actually in Philly) have been running just that (Monday, Brown; Tuesday, Columbia; Wednesday, Penn; Wednesday, Harvard; Thursday, Penn). I just wonder whether the papers actually coordinate to make sure they don’t publish on the same day. Our friendly op-editors nevertheless provide us with some awesome stuff this week – both awesomely good and awesomely bad.

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Toon In, Drop Out: JuicyCampus as Oozing Gremlin

Toon In, Drop Out: JuicyCampus as Oozing GremlinAmong the more bizarre institutions of daily newspapers is the idiosyncratic world of op-art, where people and objects frequently wear labels and the metaphors are thick. The Ivy dailies are, of course, no exception, their readerships gathering ’round the lunch table to marvel at the incomprehensible images produced daily in their pages. To mitigate the task of tracking down the week’s worst in cartoons, IvyGate introduces a new weekly feature in which we handpick and deliver this week’s ripest.

Princeton correspondent Donny Dietz (’09) breaks it down, after the jump.

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