What if a fake Twitter account tried to out JFK’s grandson and no one cared?

A fake tweet linking to a not-existing article

Brief item, here: John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, JFK’s only grandson, is the editor of the Bullblog. Today a fake Twitter account—@JJSchlossberg—tweeted the above phony link. Queerty fell for it, as did some some people on Twitter. Sources tell us that the Kennedy in question is “100% not gay.”

We’ve contacted Schlossberg to see if he’ll set the record straight in time for Valentine’s Day.

Update, 7:32 PM: JBKS sent IvyGate the following:

Conor —

The twitter account belongs to someone who impersonates me online. There was never any article posted, and instead was a link to a non existent piece. And for the record I am not gay. Thanks.

Sent from my iPhone

The Crimson Has a PR Flak

The crème de la crème of college papers is pretty, well, self-gratifying.

What we mean to say is: The Harvard Crimson has a PR team of at least one member, from which IvyGate has received literally dozens of frothily positive emails pitching us the cream of their coverage, that we might disseminate it. By means of aggregation.

Haley DeJulio, H ’15, (quickly) comes to mind. (Haley has sent us lots of really nice emails! They will so get her a job, we think! She seems really nice!)

Haley is “a Circulation and Marketing manager” at the Crimson. We’re not really sure what that title means, either—whether she is the only flak, or whether there is a whole “Circulation and Marketing” department. So we have…reached out to Haley, the Crimson‘s public relations representative, to see what the deal is.

We’re sure our email is being forwarded up the chain of command this very second.

Princeton Pusher Won’t Say What’s in Shady Supplement

Hafiz Dhanani, Princeton ’16 and creator of Luminate, deadlifting.

Hafiz Dhanani is a go-getter—one who sometimes he needs a little chemical help getting going. To that end, he’s come out with a “natural supplement” called Luminate. What’s in it? Well, artichoke extract, and some other stuff that he won’t say.

The young job-creator—previously featured on this blog—talked vaguely about his supplement in a bizarrely uncritical Princetonian article. What little we do learn there is that Dhanani has used a lot of supplements, Luminate has something to do with artichokes, and—taken with a cup of coffee—it increased the heart-rate of one of Dhanani’s friends.

(We asked the Prince if the article was “some sort of unmarked sponsored content.” EIC Luc Cohen replied, “The answer is no.”)

So, as is often the case, the comments are more interesting than the article—and more edifying. Ben Hebert, co-founder of supplement supplier NaturalStacks.com, commented: “Thanks for ordering from us (NaturalStacks.com) and then copying. I would have expected a lot more from someone at Princeton :)”

Dhanani replied that “none of the ingredients you use are proprietary or something that can’t be found on Amazon.com. You have my email if you’d like to chat.”

Naturally, we wanted to chat. Hebert explained that Luminate closely resembles his product CILTEP: both use artichoke extract, and “[t]he mechanisms of action for CILTEP and Luminate are exactly as described in the article.”

According to Hebert, Dhanani “ordered our combo pack twice and then ordered the 4-month supply of both CILTEP and SMART CAFFEINE just the other day.” Hebert added that Dhanani isn’t the first copy-cat, and that his recipes are public and non-proprietary, anyway. He “just thought [he]’d comment on the post to let him know that we’re watching.”

Dhanani didn’t reply to multiple emails for comment. But here’s a deal, Fiz: send us some Luminate, and we’ll review it while on it.

Supplements at work (?) courtesy @HafizDhanani

Way to Express Yourself, Yale!

“Yale is Brave” isn’t the next “Why I Chose Yale“—it’s not as smug.That said, it’s pretty fucking smug.

The basic conceit, as we understand it, is a bunch of Elis prancing around, lip-syncing Sara Bareilles’s “Brave” (which is Top 40 bullshit). So there’s that, plus a few cut-together scenes. One where a shy guy approaches a girl sitting on a bench using a MacBook Pro (he’s being brave). In another, a different guy starts dancing at a lame party, and all the other people dance too, after they take the sticks out of their asses (just kidding, they don’t). And one more where a girl dances on a library shelf in a room full of working students (obnoxious, not brave).

This is an assignment for CPSC 183 Law, Technology, & Culture, a current-eventsy class about computers ‘n’ stuff. The video is a class-wide project (normally they do individual blog posts, but this year the class opted for this).

Instructor Brad Rosen tells us, “As an academic exercise, I think it was a success.  I hope they had fun in the process. (I suspect they did.)”

Addendum: The Bullblog made a video, too.

Thiel Fellow to Plebs Whom She Wants to Employ to Run Her Extracurriculars: “Stay Awesome”

Eden Full, P ’15

Just under one month ago, we introduced you to Fiz, a public servant at Princeton in search of a private servant. He emailed his residential college looking to pay a classmate to run his errands.

Well, meet Eden. She’s a junior at Princeton, but only because she took two years off for a Thiel grant to make the desert bloom with solar power. Eden lives in the same residential college as Fiz! And she needs help, too—not only with errands, but with her startup and extracurriculars and personal projects. (Resumes don’t build themselves.)

From a tipster:

From: Eden Full
Subject: Seeking a Ninja!
Date: November 6, 2013 at 7:14:03 AM GMT+8
To: [the same residential college as last time]@Princeton.EDU

Hi [residential college]!

I hope all is well. I’m seeking a ninja for 3-5 hours/week to help me with some errands/research. For example:

– Mailing stuff at the post office
– Helping with some administrative stuff and/or research for my startup, extracurricular activities and personal projects
Compensation would be $15/hour, and you would complete these tasks at your own convenience, as long as it gets done before the very reasonable deadline. Some weeks will have more work than others, but it will definitely be nothing too intense.

If this is something you think you have free time in your schedule for, please email me back with:

– 2-3 sentences about yourself
– Possible hours you are available to work each day, organized as a Google spreadsheet and shared with me as a link in the email
Looking forward to potentially working with you!

Stay awesome,


[Photo via NPR]

Academics… They Fight About Books in Comment Threads!

Adams’s Facebook post

“If there was anything Adams could learn from having a child with Down syndrome, she hasn’t learned it yet.”

That’s the second to last line of Cristina Nehring’s utterly vicious review of Columbia English professor Rachel Adams’s Raising Henry: A Memoir of Motherhood, Disability, and Discovery. Merits of the book notwithstanding (I haven’t read it), Nehring takes obvious pleasure in turning a cruel phrase. Nehring depicts Adams as a narcissistic, selfish mother to a son with Downs syndrome; she unfavorably compares Adams to herself, who has a daughter with Downs syndrome.

Read it for yourself, in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

After the review went up, Nehring sounded the horn: she wrote to an international Down syndrome email listserv for support in the comment section. (A commenter quotes Nehring from there: “I confess that if you felt like throwing yourself into the fray to comment, I’d be touched and grateful.”) In response, Adams posted the above on her Facebook page, calling upon her friends to “please comment in my defense!”

And it was on: a comment thread of academics pseudonymously carping at one another. Read the rest of this entry »

Brown Protesters Shout Ray Kelly Out of Providence

Protesters at Brown students shouted down NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly, preventing him from  giving a scheduled lecture, “Proactive Policing in America’s Biggest City.”

Having previously tried to get the administration to call off the event, they did on their own, yelling over Ray Kelly, each other, and the Brown administrator who failed to appeal to the students’ decency.

In the above video, produced by the Brown Political Review, you can see various students stand, raise their fists, chant, etc. And you can see other students remain seated, roll their eyes, and tell them to shut up. Administrators called it off after thirty minutes of this, before the scheduled question and answer period.

President Christina Paxson wrote in a statement, “The conduct of disruptive members of the audience is indefensible and an affront both to civil democratic society and to the University’s core values of dialogue and the free exchange of views.”

Update, 11/6, 9:54 p.m.: Paxson is investigating whether the hecklers should be disciplined. A Daily Herald poll showed that 73% of students opposed the heckler’s actions.

Drama: A Do-Over for the 119th Annual Varsity Show?

“A tradition of drama, satire, and Columbia spirit”—that’s our annual Varsity Show. At its best, it critically and cohesively ties off one year in Morningside Heights. At its worst, it delivers three hours of dull one-liners that reduce to, “Ha, ha! We go to Columbia, too!”

Broad consensus on campus is that V118—two shows ago—was the former.  V119—last year’s—was the latter. Read the rest of this entry »

Zete Test: “As a pledge, you have no rights as a person”

55.5 is bad enough, but the redaction job merits no credit at all

Sometimes you anonymously post something online. And sometimes you don’t do such a good job at the anonymity. See: this poorly-redacted Zeta Psi pledge test that was posted multiple times to bored@baker.

Lots is worth reading; we just want to draw your attention to one wacky essay question:

During homecoming, you are playing against an alum (’12) who looks blacked out, and his partner, who is a ’17 girl, who seems creeped out by the whole situation. Based on the conversations you had with the alum while playing pong, he is extremely against the administration and claims he took down Jim Kim. The game comes down to half cup versus half cup. The alum comes up to you, says that if he wins this game, he can hook up with this girl, completing his Dartmouth X. He says if he loses, your black book will be destroyed, and he will take Zeta Psi down. The girl clearly looks uncomfortable and wants to leave, but seems too intimidated to speak out. What should you do? Explain why.

Wow! And here’s the pledge’s answer, which was pretty much the only thing he got near-full credit for:

Tell the two players to wait a bit and for your partner to watch them. Then grab an exec and tell him to come down and handle the situation. As a pledge, you have no rights as a person nor do you have authority over anything. This ’17 needs to get carded by an upper. The alum should be dealt w/ by someone who knows him. [emphasis ours]

[N.B. Eric Siu, the Dartmouth sophomore whose name is on the test, ignored a great number of emails for comment. As did Zeta Psi. But the test was explicitly mentioned in the Beta listserv that Gawker published, and all the names in the test refer to real Dartmouth students or fraternity brothers.]

“lol @ him being #11.”: KKG’s Cougar Party Guest List

Anons doin’ work

“Seems as though Dartmouth has yet to learn the lessons of the Beta info leak,” writes a tipster. Kappa Kappa Gamma, “Dartmouth’s flagship sorority,” left a Google Doc guestlist for a party open for editing and viewing. That spreadsheet found its way onto b@b (see above). It was taken down, but not before some b@b anons got into it (and not before our tipster saved it.)

KKG seems to have invited the entire hockey, lacrosse, soccer, rugby, and squash teams by looking up the members on the Dartmouth Athletics website. (But no juniors or seniors, hence the name of the party: “Cougar Tails.”)

Read the invite list for yourself, and see which ’16s and ’17s pass Kappa muster. (The sisters’ comments are included, for instance: “lol @ him being #11.”)

And: right after they took down the Google Doc, they switched to a public Google Form…which has now also been closed.

Update: As a commenter correctly noted, other sorority Sigma Delta co-created the list (and will co-host the party).

Update: According to the D, one invitee, Parker Gilbert, was indicted by a grand jury for seven counts of aggravated sexual assault that he allegedly committed last semester.