IvyGate, the Ivy League blog, is a great way to reach an affluent and hard-to-attract demographic.

Our core audience — those that come back again and again — consists of Ivy League students and recent graduates. Advertising with us is a way to hit all of the schools you might be interested in, instead of going at each one separately — a much simpler and cheaper alternative to buying advertising on college newspapers’ sites.

With our compendium of news and gossip from across the Ivy League, we generally get between 15-30,000 clicks on weekdays, totaling more than 600,000 page views per month. On any given week, over half of Princeton, Harvard, and Yale will read us, and over half of Dartmouth, Columbia, and Brown check in as well. If just a small percentage of those students prove interested in your product, well, you’ll have done pretty well.


We offer advertising as both CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Ad Units

Leaderboard – At the top of the page, above our logo – 768 pixels x 90 pixels (up to 1000 pixels x 90 pixels)
Skyscraper – On the right, above ‘Recent Comments’ – 300 pixels x 300 pixels (up to 300 pixels x 600 pixels)
Article interstitial – Between the second and third post on the homepage and category pages; Between the article and the comments on article pages – 468 pixels x 60 pixels (up to 600 pixels x 400 pixels)


$1.00 for any ad unit (with one click per 5,000 impressions required)


$0.75 CPM for our leaderboard
$0.50 CPM for our skyscraper
$0.10 CPM for our article interstitial

Interested? Please contact for more information.