Geese on the loose at Penn

It’s the time of year when you start to see wild creatures escaping from their habitats. Much like llamas on the loose in Arizona, geese on the loose at UPenn can cause quite a stir. A new Tumblr has dedicated itself to capturing images of Canadian Geese on Penn’s campus and surrounding areas. Happily, this nature documentary also doubles as UPenn’s newest fashion blog. See for yourself below, and play spot-the-goose:

One goose, red goose….

…two goose, iced-coffee goose

You can observe more members of the new species on this blog that bills itself as “an in-depth look into Penn’s diverse winter fashion sense.” But before we go, a semi-serious question: in what world do Canada Goose parkas and iced coffee come together?

2 Responses to “Geese on the loose at Penn”

  1. cc 16 Says:

    Have to be that guy: for some reason, it’s actually Canada Geese, not Canadian.

  2. j r Says:

    It’s been used both ways, obviously.
    And it sounds very awkward to me, like: “Oh look its an America Goose!”
    Of course a Canada Goose is almost always an America Goose as well.
    Unless it’s actually a German Goose in disguise.

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