Yale “burns” Harvard in a pre-Game video challenge

Perhaps the highlight of college sporting events, the annual Harvard/Yale football game takes place this Saturday at Harvard Stadium in Boston. As the front pages of both school papers’ opinion columns announce, tensions are already rising in the form of snappy op-eds. (Have you heard, for instance, that Harvard killed the dinosaurs?)

For the past few years, Harvard comedy group “On Harvard Time” has released burn videos mocking the school’s arch-rival and seeding fear into the hearts of Yalies right before the great game. They’re usually pretty funny. This year, though, Yale has decided to retaliate with a viral challenge of its own, in a video that proves that while Yale students may boast the more adorable mascot, they really needs to work on their snark level – not to mention voiceover skills.

In the newly released “Harvard: Put Up or Shut Up,” an independently directed production, the Yale College Council throws down the gauntlet and shames Harvard students once and for all for their inferiorities, including:

  • having an inanimate mascot
  • the fact that their famous alumnus/drop-out Mark Zuckerberg, while having invented Facebook and owning a couple of dozen of billions of dollars, is just not as hot as Fast and Furious star and Yale alum Jordana Brewster
  • and honestly, it looks like that’s all they could come up with. There’s a moderately triumphant image of the Yale hockey team in victory that they put up only because their football team hasn’t beaten Harvard in almost a decade. Ooooh, burn?

At the dramatic climax of the video, Yale’s College Council President (who is for some reason wearing a boxing outfit that he looks supremely uncomfortable in) challenges his Harvard counterpart to a fistfight behind the parking lot after schoola boxing match for our school’s honor the night before the game.” Them’s fightin words right there. 

Unsurprisingly, Harvard’s Undergraduate Council President Gus Mayopoulas does not plan on taking up the challenge. Watch the video in its full glory below:

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