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Have you ever dreamed of writing puns all day long? Or, rather, of using your investigative and reporting skills to dig into the lives and times of the Ivy League? Then your time has come: we want you to join our illustrious ranks of nosy invasive snarky intellectually curious writers and editors.

We’re looking for smart, engaged new writers to help us bring eternal glory to their classmates, professors, and schools. There’s no need for an extensive journalism background, and please don’t send us any cover letters. (Although we would have fun with them.) We just want a brief explanation of why you’re interested in writing for us, and what types of stories you see yourself contributing to IvyGate. There’s a whole range of possible levels of commitment – from writing the occasional post to joining on as a more involved editor – so don’t hesitate to reach out even if you have a packed schedule this semester. And it’s not necessary to be an Ivy student to write for us, as long as you’re still willing to get down and dirty with these eight schools. We’re a pretty fun group, we promise.

If you’re interested in any combination of writing, editing, or hunting for stories, shoot an email to ivygate@gmail.com. And, as always, if you have a tip for a story, send it to us at tips@ivygateblog.com.

Happy Thanksgiving, and keep your eyes and ears open. We’ll wait for your call.


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