Live from Ivy

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, here’s a video seemingly from last year’s Titanic theme party at Ivy, the Princeton eating club. One of their many theme parties throughout the year, this one involves a chosen Jack and Rose, seen being Jack and Rose here. Seniors dress up as first-class passengers, juniors as second-class, and newly minted Ivy sophomores as third-class passengers. Because if there’s anything Princeton loves, it’s clearly defined class statuses.

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  1. Columbia '14 Says:

    As a recent graduate of Columbia this kind of video makes me wish our frat scene was stronger / less antagonized by the administration. Believe it or not, Svokos, tons of kids at Columbia would kill to have these sorts of parties on campus.

  2. Princeton '16 Says:

    Not a frat party hate to break it to you. Eating clubs for the win.

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