Pro Princeton Prof Lawn Vigilante

ORFE Professor John Mulvey, who has been at Princeton since 1978, got a little too involved in the local community. You know those lawn signs proprietors put outside your house after doing work there? Mulvey’s allegedly been stealing them — 21 of them, valued at $471 total.

Mulvey told it’s a misunderstanding: he wasn’t stealing the signs, he was just “pick[ing] up debris in the roadway.” Ted Horodynsky, owner of Princeton Computer Repairs, Tutoring and Digital Services, tells a different story: Mulvey picked the signs out of the lawns, specifically targeting Horodynsky’s signs. Why? They apparently got into a “traffic incident.”

Horodynsky was so convinced of Mulvey’s revenge tactics that he set up cameras and did, in fact, catch Mulvey in the act — not cleaning up discarded signs, but straight-up plucking them out of lawns and taking them away. There was an arrest and, don’t worry, the signs have been recovered. We’ve reached out to Mulvey for comment.

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  1. JohnnyRambo Says:

    I’ve met this guy. He seems mentally unstable and needs to be locked up
    where he can get some therapy and psychotropic meds. He clearly has
    issues of repressed sexuality – he’s married but Richard Simmons and
    Sigfried and Roy are embarrassed at how gay this guy is. It is
    manifesting in anger, rage, hatred, and extreme pathological narcissism.
    What could the Princeton faculty possibly be thinking?

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