Yale & Harvard Will Always Have DC

This week, New York Magazine did a feature on the delicious DC summer interns, one of our favorite subsets of students. Of the 10 interns profiled, half of them (from our sleuthing) are Ivy Leaguers, hailing exclusively from Yale and Harvard — though this post in the very earnest “Yale in Washington Summer 2014” group may have had something to do with that slant:

Anyways, the future political leaders include Derek Soled (Senate HELP Committee Health Policy Office), Y’16, Aaron Mukerjee (Democratic Governors Association), H’16, Akinyi Ochieng (Justice Department Office of International Affairs), Y’15, Joanne Dynak (Department of Health and Human Services), H’16, and Briana Burroughs (Republican Majority for Choice), Y’17.

NYM gave them a cute, Gossip Girl-style photoshoot (s/o to Soled with his back to the camera and Mukerjee’s barely visible profile) and printed one out-of-context quote from each. Our faves, even more out-of-context:

  • Akinyi: “I went to Sidwell Friends School. My dad works at the World Bank, and my mom works for the FDA.”
  • Aaron: “I’m actually staying with two Republicans, and I’m a Democrat.”
  • Derek: “This is what we have to work with; let’s make it better. It’s not a question at this point, especially not to the interns”
  • Briana: “I didn’t learn much from sex ed.”

And the winning quote goes to Dynak, given in full:

“I had to make sure all my suits still fit. I had to get a new blazer or two. I do a lot of politics-related things in college, so I felt relatively well prepared.”

Really, though, this feature is just a tease till the 2014 running of the interns.

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