Let’s all transfer to Harvard now

According to the New York Times, ousted executive editor Jill Abramson will be returning to her alma mater (and tattoo inspiration), teaching narrative nonfiction this fall at Harvard. Nonfiction writing majors across the Ivy League collectively shrieked in jealousy. We’ve reached out to admins at Harvard and will update if we get more information.

If you make it into her class next semester, put your narrative nonfiction skills to good use and tell us all about it–and let us know if she follows that great Harvard tradition: grade inflation. Hit us up tips@ivygateblog.com

Update 1:50PM Harvard made the announcement as well, confirming Abramson will be teaching undergraduates in the fall and spring. Undergrad Program Administrator Lauren Bimmler told IvyGate that the classes “are open by application to undergraduates and graduate students” and, of course, “[w]e’re very excited to have her!”

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  1. Mike Conrad Says:

    The breathless tone of this piece is comical, even for IvyGate. Yep, we’ve never seen minor media celebrities in the Ivy League before.. Abramson isn’t even a particularly notable writer, though by all accounts she excels at a certain type of office politics. Harvard can have her.

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