Harvard 2014 by the numbers

As Harvard’s Class of 2014 steps out to make their way in the world, they leave behind some priceless facts culled from the annual senior survey. In the spirit of celebration and congratulations, The Crimson faithfully reported on the senior class’ politics, porn habits, and virginity status. The email survey sent out among the graduates received over 700 responses, providing an idiosyncratic and color coded picture of the Harvard lifestyle — “extracurriculars” and all. Some of our favorite highlights below:

  • We’ll start with a real shocker: of the seniors immediately entering employment post-graduation (70% of the class), 31% will work for finance and consulting companies.
  • In another unexpected twist, nearly all employment fields showed an unequal starting salary among men and women: women going into technology or engineering report a salary of $50,000 and $69,999, while the men entering the same fields report between $90,000 and $109,999.

  • While the class of 2014 enjoys high levels of diversity, feelings of marginalization among minorities persist — 60% of African American seniors report feeling marginalized because of their race while at Harvard.
  • It seems like the cheating scandal of two years ago still resonates on campus: 17% of respondents admitted to cheating while at Harvard, and recruited athletes were twice as likely to cheat academically than non-recruits. Those athletes are also twice as likely to be Econ majors — it’s good to know that some stereotypes are completely accurate.
  • The influence of recent national media on college sexual assault also resonated in the survey: 12% of women and 2% of men claimed to have been sexually assaulted at Harvard, with only 16% of victims reporting the assault.
  • High rates of graduating finance bros notwithstanding, Brobama still reigns at Harvard: 80% of seniors who voted in 2012 voted Obama.

The administrative disquiet pervasive across all Ivies rears its head in Harvard’s case too: University President Faust won only 48% approval, and 34% declined to answer on the grounds of no opinion or inadequate information. The outgoing Interim Dean of the College fared much better with 87% approval (although these Ivy deans seem to keep disappearing after a few short years….). Rating the school’s Administrative Board received a much more negative response, as only 13% approve of Harvard’s disciplinary board — the mass disapproval comes after an anonymous op-ed descried the school’s handling of sexual assault.

Let’s end on a light note — or not-so-light if you’re in the 21%. That’s the percentage of our friends at Harvard are self-reported virgins, according to what the survey labels “extracurriculars.” We’ll let that sink in for a minute. That statistic may find a correlation with the 48% of male students who watch porn multiple times a week, or the 59% of female students who’ve never watched porn at Harvard. (Points to whoever can create a formula with those numbers.) The members of the graduating class who have indeed gone all the way boast an average of two sexual partners in their four years. We just hope that that doesn’t translate to two one-night stands in all of college.

Harvard’s final grade? 9/10, would do again. Seems fair.

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