Man Stabbed at Popular Cornell Bar

A man was stabbed this past Thursday at Ithaca’s Level B bar, otherwise known as the place Cornell students go to drink $18 fishbowls every Wednesday night. The Ithaca police who encountered the victim reported that he was “stabbed in the torso area,” and was brought to a regional trauma center. There was no information shared on whether the victim — or the suspect, for that matter — is a University affiliate.

When it’s not the scene of a violent crime, Level B is the scene to get fishbowls of vodka and Kool Aid. According to an anonymous source, “no one really goes to Level B except Wednesday nights (for some reason Cornell’s power night)….you get a plastic animal with your fishbowl, and if you collect 10, you get a free fishbowl.” On any other night of the week, though, weird and underaged people seem to dominate the bar — not a single Cornell student expressed surprise that that was the bar where someone got stabbed. Maybe the unfortunate man stole someone’s 10th plastic fish?

Local police are still looking for the suspect, and Level B’s Facebook page posted the following announcement after the incident, implying that only those with Cornell student IDs will be allowed into the bar:

We do not tolerate violent behavior in our bar, and the safety and security of all our guests in our bar is paramount. We are very upset that someone was injured Wednesday evening. For this reason, we will further be increasing security measures at the entry and inside the bar for the foreseeable future. It will be a good idea, among other things, for you to be sure you have your student ID, as well as your regular ID, when coming to Level B in the future. Comments or questions may also be directed to

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