Cornell doesn’t like April Fools’

peel it back

Peel back.

Down at the bottom of this morning’s Bit of News rundown of stories, they included one headline different from the others:

Tiger goes after senators. Four senators are mauled by a tiger in front of a live Congressional session.”

If you click through the link, you land on an Onion article. Between the fact that it’s The Onion and the fact that it’s April Fools’ Day, you’d think this wouldn’t cause more drama than a rolled eye.

But, ah, Cornell. One sophomore was seriously peeved with the inclusion of quite possibly the most minor of today’s pranks and wrote an email back to Bit of News to admonish them for their actions (formatting ours):

While I love reading the Onion as much as any other college student, I find it ridiculous that you have it included in your list of generally reputable news sources. I highly suggest you find someway to rule out satirical news sources of any kind in your algorithm. By putting a news source such as the Onion on a page with sources such as the NY Times or BBC, you say that the Onion is held to the same journalistic standards as those other sources. Additionally, I have no doubt that there is some fool out there who hasn’t heard of the Onion, and is going around asking people if they heard about the US senators who died from a tiger attack today. For many students, this could be the only news they get in their entire day. It is your responsibility to give them intelligent and correct information.

We have no doubt that there is some fool out there who hasn’t heard of April Fools’ Day. Now go read a newspaper.

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