Cornell Prez Heading Out

Cornell President David Skorton, who has held the position since 2006, was named the 13th Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute. He will be the first physician in charge at the Smithsonian. Skorton’s shipping out from Ithaca at the end of the next school year, starting at the Institute in July 2015—so he’ll be around for Cornell’s sesquicentennial (150, guys).

Skorton got to Cornell with a bang in 2006, living in a freshman dorm and getting his own ice cream flavor. He was, by all accounts, a jazzy dude. In the seriousness realm, he’s tried ending hazing and scored Cornell its very own NYC tech campus.

We can’t imagine why Skorton would want to leave Cornell (OK we can, it’s because Ithaca), but in this last year we hope to see an increase in jazz shows and idealism. If you catch Skorton up to anything fun, drop us a line.

3 Responses to “Cornell Prez Heading Out”

  1. CornellFormerFratBro Says:

    Smithsonian Institute Frats Are Fucked. Skorton single handly eradicated greek life from Cornell.

  2. AboutToBeCornellian Says:

    How the heck does Smithsonian Institute have Frats? It’s not a university X.X

  3. Wat Says:

    How the hell are you about to be a cornelian. Can’t even understand a joke. X.X

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