YALE: Sexual Assaults at Secret Society S&M Party

Last week, Yale students received two university-wide Clery Act emails informing them that two Yale students were victims of “sexual assault by an acquaintance, who is also a Yale student” at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house on February 8th. February 8th was the night of the annual “Dom” party thrown by the Women in Power Society (WIPS), a secret society, which was held in the SigEp house.

The “Dom” party is an infamous, no-cellphones-allowed event. From what we hear, people dress up in BDSM gear and porn is projected on the walls as hot freshmen guys pass around drinks. Interestingly, it’s also generalized as one of the safer party SigEp hosts: there is a closed guest list with doors closing at 11 pm and everyone (besides those hot freshmen boys) is over 21-years-old.

For two assaults to happen on a night that typically gets by without major public notice is surprising–but only considering its history of safety. Dom is a party full of porn, S&M, and lots of alcohol, after all. In a statement, SigEp said that the assault allegations are not against brothers of the fraternity, consistent with rumors we have been hearing.

5 Responses to “YALE: Sexual Assaults at Secret Society S&M Party”

  1. D'14 Says:

    Society for female empowerment > objectifies younger men.

    You guys are doing very big things over there at Yale.

  2. Supapimp Says:

    This one article included just about everything that’s wrong with our college education system and our society in three small paragraphs. Talk about wasting such an education on the worthless…

  3. Hmm Says:

    Sounds like Yale is trying to compete with Brown’s SexPowerGod party?

  4. simoneldrige Says:

    S&M parties… I am sure these are the types of people that will be rising to the top of the political establishment. The state attracts these types of people with low character.

  5. bonnieblue Says:

    They had an S&M themed party where people ran around naked and consumed large quantities of alcohol. And people were sexually assaulted. Imagine that!

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