Princeton Alum Fired From Penn For Making Fun Of Applicant Essays

Woman Laughing at Comp.jpgShocker: Of the 31,127 students who applied to the University of Pennsylvania last year, some were not “Penn material.” And thanks to one brave Princetonian, we now know who wasn’t up to par.

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that former admissions officer Nadirah Foley, Princeton Class of 2011, was fired by the university late last year after she was discovered mocking applicants’ essays on Facebook. According to The DP, Foley also shared these essays over College Confidential, prompting responses such as “This loses my respect for UPenn and for the general admissions process SOOO much.” Everyone in the admissions department must be devestated.

Here are some of the students who proved worthy of Foley’s scorn:

  • A student who had “long and deep” connections to Penn because he had been circumcised at the school’s Hillel.
  • A student who overcame his fear of going to the bathroom in the great outdoors.
  • A student who thought Penn was near the beach.

15 Responses to “Princeton Alum Fired From Penn For Making Fun Of Applicant Essays”

  1. BIGSTEIN Says:

    Penn is kind of near a beach…if by beach you mean garbage dump, and by garbage dump you mean New Jersey…

  2. anon Says:

    brb gotta go take a new jersey

  3. rick131 Says:

    Princeton, NJ is even closer to the Jersey Shore then Penn.

  4. David Brown Says:

    Riverbank, beach, Upper Darby, SAME DIFFERENCE.

  5. ED-M Says:

    HI BB.

  6. Mike Conrad Says:

    “This loses my respect for UPenn soooo much”

    Wow, just wow. It’s run amuck. Also, too much time spent on CC is making people say “UPenn” and “UChicago” instead of “Penn” and “Chicago”. In case the “loses” thing weren’t enough.

  7. But... Says:

    UChicago admissions calls their UChicago quite often.

  8. andrewyliao Says:

    These are hilarious, especially the circumcision one

  9. rick131 Says:

    Why would Penn hire a recent college grad who knows nothing about admissions to be one of their admissions officers?

  10. NotIvy '02 Says:

    I’ve known several admissions officers hired by their alma mater- for some it was their first job after graduating. I haven’t seen one yet with a related undergraduate degree, assuming there is one. Seems common.

  11. Viljoen Says:

    All this proves is that Nadirah Foley doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together. Judging a school by who applies is stupid; any idiot with an internet connection and enough money to pay the admissions fee can file an application. What counts is who gets in, and frankly I think most of the people getting into Penn (especially Wharton) are a hell of a lot smarter than a Princeton grad who’s too stupid to get a better job than university admissions officer.

  12. yaleelay Says:

    penn should sue her immediately- im sure there is some sort of nondisclosure clause in her contract

  13. anon Says:

    You graduate from Princeton and become a secretary?

  14. Princeton13 Says:

    Nadirah is a brilliant young woman with a lot of ambition and passion. It is unfortunate that she seems to have been made an example of as a young grad making social media gaffes in the workplace (although of course I leave it to Penn’s discretion whether or not the dismissal was justified under her terms of employment), but by no means should anyone call her someone who “doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together” because that’s patently false. As someone who saw her Facebook posts as they occurred, they were hilarious, but utterly good-natured and lighthearted. No harm was intended, and – had they stayed within the realm of her friends’ newsfeeds – no harm done.

  15. P'10 Says:

    Sure, there is no problem with what she did. She is an idiot when it comes to the world of work and jobs. Maybe she is smart, but she is a shit head.

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