Liane Membis Reappears with Article About Ivy Leaguers

We recently noticed that Liane Membis — the Yalie who was fired in June for planting made-up quotes in the Wall Street Journal — published an article on Thursday at Dominion New York (“the online magazine of black New York,” according to Twitter) about two Barnard sophomores:

Twin sisters Ogor and Ngozi Ogehdo, both 20-years-old and now Barnard College students left the public school system behind after elementary school for lots of reasons. They considered returning to attend a specialized high school, but chose not to because they believed they’d be happier and in a more diverse environment at a private school.

Good for her, we think! Picking yourself up after failure is never easy. Just ask Jonah Lehrer. And while we’re still waiting for someone to explain Membis’s strange post-firing dissembling, we have to agree with her Twitter bio: “Failure is not fatal.”

2 Responses to “Liane Membis Reappears with Article About Ivy Leaguers”

  1. SEAS Says:

    Barnard girls are not Ivy Leaguers.

  2. Ivy Definition Says:

    Actually, I think that, technically, Barnard girls *are* Ivy Leaguers.

    Formally, the Ivy League is only an athletic conference, not an academic consortium or any other enterprise. Student-athletes at Barnard compete on joint Columbia-Barnard varsity athletic teams. To my knowledge, there are no separate teams composed solely of Barnard students.


    (a) Columbia students are Ivy Leaguers *solely* because their varsity teams compete in the athletic conference with that name. The same is true for Harvard and Princeton, etc. Students at every school in the conference are called Ivy Leaguers.

    (b) Barnard students compete in the athletic conference with that name and no others.

    (c) Therefore, Barnard students are Ivy Leaguers.


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