Is It Really That Surprising There Was Such A Drop In Dartmouth Applications?

Dartmouth is not having the greatest year. They were they subjects of a none too flattering feature in Rolling Stone on their campus culture. Two students have written opinion pieces in The Dartmouth about being hazed (one has an upcoming book about it). Their Board of Directors was investigated for mishandling the school’s endowment. Oh, and their president left the school in the middle of all of this to head the World Bank.

In the first batch of application numbers released by Dartmouth since all this hoopla, the college saw a severe drop in the number of people who voluntarily want to be in Hanover. The Dartmouth reports that just 1,526 students applied early to be a part of the Dartmouth Class of 2017, down 12.5 percent from last year’s pool of 1,744.

12.5 percent is a serious drop, especially considering — as The Dartmouth points out — that early application numbers had been rising fairly steadily the past several years. And, although only two other Ivies have reported their early application numbers — Brown and Penn — both showed increases. While Andrew Lohse may be the most public case of Dartmouth’s bad reputation, he’s certainly not the only example.

13 Responses to “Is It Really That Surprising There Was Such A Drop In Dartmouth Applications?”

  1. lmao Says:

    Dartmouth getting shafted
    as if they didn’t get the lowest number of applicants already

  2. D Says:

    Andrew Lohse is a crazy drug addict desperately seeking attention. It’s been established that the Rolling Stone article is sensationalist and inaccurate. The investigation against the Board of Directors was dropped.
    At such a small school, 200 people in an early applicant pool is trivial. Don’t try to make this story into something it’s not.

  3. rick131 Says:

    Who really wants to live in Hanover? Come on.

  4. rick131 Says:

    The master’s at fudging numbers, namely Harvard and Princeton, have extended their early admissions indefinitely due to the hurricane, so I am sure their numbers will be large.

  5. parker posey Says:

    IvyGate used to report on hilarious gossip. Now it just invents the scandals that it claims to report on. Please, give it up. Become an hero.

  6. BigGreen4Life Says:

    Dartmouth is the best college in the country without a doubt.

  7. anon Says:

    Dartmouth is the best college in Hanover, NH.

  8. Broski Says:

    Who cares? It’s already been established that Dartmouth is the school for elitist country cock sucking d-bags who shit themselves at the sight of black people. You have to be pretty fucked up in the head to apply early to Dartmouth anyway.

  9. Broski Says:

    Sorry, I’m just a drunken Rutgers grad

  10. Dingus Says:

    Nearly half of Dartmouth’s student body is non-white, so I would recommend investing in some Cinco D-Pants.

  11. Stats Man Says:

    Only 8% of Dartmouth undergrads are black while 90% of NH is white. There is arguably more racial tension at Dartmouth than the other Ivies, especially given that it is also the most conservative and Greek dominated Ivy too

  12. Common Sense Says:

    Please, tell me more about a school you don’t go to and environments you’ve never experienced. The sense of community at Dartmouth is unmatched, regardless of race.

  13. Dingus Says:

    You are dense, man. The fact that New Hampshire is majority-white does not mean that there is racial tension. Check out New Haven, CT if you want to see some racial tension.

    I am black and I loved Dartmouth.

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