Yale Football’s Worst Year Ever — Voter Fraud Edition!

Yale football is having the worst year ever—for reasons entirely unrelated to the actual game of football. As The Crimson reported a month ago, the Bulldogs have lately been rather scandal-prone. Most recently:

In January, the New York Times reported that quarterback Patrick Witt ’12 lost his Rhodes candidacy due to a sexual assault allegation raised by a classmate.

In May, captain Will McHale’s ’13 gave a former Yale Daily News sports editor fourteen 14 stitches in a bar fight.

And now this new impropriety: yesterday, former lineman Pat Moran ’12 resigned from his father’s Congressional re-election campaign after James O’Keefe recorded him plotting to cast 100 fraudulent ballots.

Oy. It’s almost like Yale would be better off not having a football team.

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  1. Oh, Yeah, That Sounds Familiar Says:

    Uh, don’t forget that former football coach Tom Williams resigned in disgrace for having lied on his resume about being a Rhodes Scholarship finalist and a one-time San Francisco 49er. I think that he may have claimed to invent the internet as well, not to mention once running a sub-three-hour marathon.

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