Citing Storm, All Ivies Extend Early Admissions Deadline

Overachieving high school seniors affected by Hurricane Sandy need not fret, as all eight Ivy League admissions offices announced extensions to their early deadlines (originally November 1). So now, instead of worrying about the perfect ending to your personal essay, please go find shelter and clean water.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new and improved early admissions deadlines:

  • Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Yale will accept applications until November 5.
  • Penn will accept applications until November 6.
  • Brown will accept applications until November 7.
  • Harvard and Princeton will accept late applications without deadline, provided there is a legitimate explanation included.

6 Responses to “Citing Storm, All Ivies Extend Early Admissions Deadline”

  1. PennGRD Says:

    More proof that Brown is a slacker school….

  2. true story Says:


    i still don’t get whose bright idea it was to give out pass/fail for everything with no grade below a C…just asking for slacker mentality

  3. rick131 Says:

    There is no excuse for these applications to be late. They should have been sent in August or September.

  4. Todd Says:

    If the universities expected them in September, the deadlines would be in September

  5. rick131 Says:

    They do expect them early. They start accepting applications August 1st. They start accepting athletes in September. Novemeber 1st is the latest possible deadline for slackers.

  6. Confused Says:

    So because athletes are accepted in September, anyone who applies later than that is a slacker. Quite the contrary!

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