Yale Dropout Arrested After Making ‘Terrorist Threats,’ Threatening To Kill Children

Allegedly upset over the high prices of Nike’s new LeBron X sneakers, Yale dropout Eric Yee ’12 was arrested Monday after posting comments to ESPN.com threatening to kill the kids he was babysitting. According to The Los Angeles Times, Yee said he would mimic the shooting earlier this summer in Aurora, Colorado. Much to the surprise of everyone no one, ESPN promptly alerted the local authorities, who discovered Yee living at his parents’ house in Los Angeles.

The house just so happened to be across the street from an elementary school and a middle school, and Yee just so happened to have several guns at the house, so the LA sheriff’s department decided to lock him up with a $1 million bail. According to The Washington Post:

“Yee was arrested for investigation of making terrorist threats. Bail was set at $1 million because the threat involved children, his home’s proximity to two schools and several unregistered weapons that have been recovered.”

The Post reported that a bail this high is “normally reserved for murder or other crimes that could result in life sentences.”

At Yale, Yee was an economic major, but withdrew in May for “undisclosed reasons,” university officials told The Post. Yee was also a member of The Leadership Institute, which according to their website, “works to provide comprehensive leadership training for all Yale students in order to produce moral, courageous, and visionary leaders who will serve as catalysts for positive change.” Looks like it didn’t take.

5 Responses to “Yale Dropout Arrested After Making ‘Terrorist Threats,’ Threatening To Kill Children”

  1. bearvivant Says:

    Anyone know why he’d dropout in May? It seems very strange to be that close to graduating and dropping out.

  2. Emale Says:

    Not if you’re nowhere close to graduating.

  3. y12 Says:

    i knew him and am frankly unsurprised.

  4. DZ Says:

    Well, you must not have known him very well then. If you’ve actually taken a look at the circumstances of the case, you’d realize: a) the guns in the house were not his, rather they were his father’s and b) there was very little probable cause – yes, he did make a threatening comment online, but so do numerous people on blog comments, 4chan/reddit, etc. In any case, you ought to tread more carefully in making a “frankly unsurprised” remark about this misrepresented case of “making terrorist threats” when you neither know him nor the details of the case well.

  5. anon Says:

    Just another insane Yale student.

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