Screwball Comedy Featuring Fake Columbia Student Ends in Dramatic Arrest

The Columbia Spectator reports on the quixotic tale of “Rhea Sen” (whose real name, as identified by Bwog, is Briva Patel), a 26 year-old woman who posed as a 20 year-old Columbia freshman for the past several weeks. It’s quite the story:

Sen [said] she lived on the sixth floor of Hartley Hall, and the next day that she lived in Carman 6B, which is not the way rooms in Carman Hall are numbered. Students said they were still unsure where she slept across the 14-day period she spent on campus. “People saw her running around, hiding in bushes, but as far as I know, nobody actually saw her in the residence halls,” Quarta said.

Even worse, Sen got lost on the subway:

On her way to the party at the Bronx Zoo that capped off orientation week, Quarta and a friend wound up on the subway with Sen. Even though Quarta had been told to take the train to 180th Street, Sen showed her a text message she claimed to be from her OL instructing her to get off at an earlier stop and take a bus. The two heeded Sen’s advice, winding up far from their intended destination. A helpful police officer steered the three of them back on the subway.

The Spec describes several strange Facebook messages that Sen sent to a (real) freshman:

Is it weird that we feel sympathetic, almost? Sen Patel is less an Adam Wheeler than an Abe Liu, the Extension School student who posed as a Harvard ’15 on account of his loneliness. The Spec:

She tried to befriend new students, including Cami Quarta, CC ’16, who believes she was the first first-year Sen met. “We thought she was just socially awkward,” Quarta said. “She said to me, ‘Are you a freshman? I’m kind of lost, do you want to hang out with me?’”

 [Spectator, Bwog]


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