Dartmouth Whistleblower Andrew Lohse Has A Book Deal That Promises “Sex, Drugs, Alcohol”

Andrew Lohse, the recent Dartmouth graduate who gained attention for detailing his fraternity hazing experiences, has always been open about himself. There was the column in The Dartmouth earlier this year that described his time as a pledge in Dartmouth’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Then there was the article in Rolling Stone a few months later. Now, it seems that Lohse finally got that book deal he wanted so badly.

According to Dartblog, both Lohse’s Twitter and LinkedIn account have been recently changed to include information about his upcoming book with St. Martin’s Press, which is, like, real. (Dartblog calls it “a reputable imprint,” but we’re just surprised someone will publish this thing). The book is titled Party at the End of the World and is due out sometime in 2013.

After first mentioning his literary aspirations in January, Lohse discussed his memoir-in-progress with Janet Reitman for her Rolling Stone piece on him and Dartmouth:

“He’s writing a memoir: a ‘generational tale’ that he hopes will be part Bright Lights, Big City, part The Sun Also Rises and part This Side of Paradise, and describes as ‘a one-way ticket to the secret violence at the heart of the baptismal rites of the new elite.’”

If this thing doesn’t top the best sellers list, we’ll eat our collective hat. For a less flavorful, but still quite tasty, account of what’s actually being published, here is the Publisher’s Marketplace blurb for the memoir, put together by Lohse’s representation at Abrams Artists Agency:


We have so many questions. Who is having the sex in this book? Is it you, Lohse? If so, who with? If not, why should we care? Even if it is you, why should we care?

Also, is there any connection to the Michael Cunningham novel turned Colin Farrell movie?

Andrew, have your people call our people. Let’s be in touch.

4 Responses to “Dartmouth Whistleblower Andrew Lohse Has A Book Deal That Promises “Sex, Drugs, Alcohol””

  1. John Mack Says:

    Sex, drugs and alcohol on a campus! I never knew. The Fox news audience will eat this up of course. Ho hum.

  2. blah Says:

    what a douchebag

  3. Joe Niemczura Says:

    my book is titled “The Hospital at the End of the World” and it has no sex, no drugs other than ones prescribed by an MD, and damn little rock and roll. you can find my book on Amazon. I hope nobody confuses it for this book….
    I would humbly suggest that few would agree with any assertion that Hanover New Hampshire is “the end of the world” or even, very close. Unless of course you are from Manhattan. It’s not even one time zone away. You can still get Starbucks coffee or the New York Times north of Hanover – certainly these are indicators of advanced civilazation close to the core of Today’s Youth.
    finally, any book in which the author would kiss-and-tell, is not worthy of a gentleman, unless he changes the names to protect the innocent and also, is good at erotica. An account of sex with a beer-drenched frat boy? belongs on either the police beat or the funny pages.
    Joe Niemczura

  4. d'12 Says:

    The title is a reference to a party from The Rules of Attraction by Brett Easton Ellis, whom I’m sure Lohse will plagiarize in some respect. In typical IvyGate fashion, this could have been ascertained from a simple Google search…but was not.

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