Princeton Student Worked Really Hard On This Rap Video

24 Responses to “Princeton Student Worked Really Hard On This Rap Video”

  1. Aaa Says:

    Haha, best part was the Wharton guy crushing it in the beginning.

  2. Trevor Says:

    Ahaha I thought it was hilarious.  As a guy, especially loved the beginning.

  3. CitizenWhy Says:

     The way to save the world is to get a butterfly net?

  4. asdflkj Says:

    Penn getting the shaft

  5. anon Says:

    Princeton has become the copycat ivy and has really tumbled out of the top tier.

  6. Siegfried Roy Says:

    Anon, please accept a bit of free professional advice offered in good faith: creepy subliminal smear campaigns on a target school are less effective when you post all of your comments from one address. That tends to make it painfully obvious that the comments don’t come from a wellspring of Princeton-dismissal, but instead represent one person’s lonely crusade.

  7. AA Says:

    that black girl’s pretty cocky for someone who got in because of affirmative action

  8. pq Says:

    Wow. You had no idea what her academic record was like. She could’ve been a student who didn’t need AA to be admitted. 

  9. i wonder Says:

    highly, HIGHLY unlikely…just go with statistics if you’re not sure


    You obviously don’t know how Affirmative Action works. 

  11. truth Says:

    i do.

    if u r a minority with > 2100 sat and no criminal record, u r basically guaranteed to get into at least one ivy.

    basically AA in a nutshell

  12. truth Says:

    make that > 1800

  13. Troll Alert Says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake.

  14. yeah Says:

    says the person behind a computer screen who probably doesn’t even go to any ivy league school

  15. the real ivy league Says:

     how was Ithaca?

  16. yeah Says:


  17. lolol Says:

    lol Penn, Brown, or Dartmouth thinking they’re real Ivy 

  18. pton Says:

    Oh look, a columbia troll! don’t get shot in the ghetto

  19. joe Says:

     So half the ivy league…isn’t “real ivy?” hahahaha cool story bro

  20. PU '09 Says:

    Did you even watch it, Trotter?  Clearly not a student.  Looks like she graduated 7 years ago.

  21. Trotter SuperFan Says:

    hahahahahah is that a serious question?

  22. Proof Says:

    More like, did you even read the title of the video. It says “went”

  23. Hohi Says:

    haters keep hating, sorry you dudebros can’t get your dick sucked and need to resort to smear campaigns

  24. Asdfasdfasdf Says:

    Wharton da best. Funny video though

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