Princeton Occupiers Have the Most Condescending Sign Ever

A photographer onscene at Occupy Wall Street’s May Day demonstration caught a gaggle of Princetonians marching with the commoners. Guess what their banner said.

EVEN PRINCETON. Get it? Edgy. Cool. SubversiveMore photos here.

Given that Princeton is less a university than the X-Mansion of Wall Street analysts, it would seem vastly more serious—and so much cooler, frankly—if, in addition to interrupting on-campus recruiting sessions for Goldman and JP Morgan, these earnest students left. Dropped out. Transferred.

For good.

Remember that Goldman VP who wrote mean things about his employer in the New York Times? Well, he quit.

Until Princetonians make some kind of transfer-to-Hampshire-College pact, the eyeballs of every New Yorker shall continue to roll throughout Midtown, sort of like that Sony commercial with the bouncy balls:

Photos by Michael Discenza

10 Responses to “Princeton Occupiers Have the Most Condescending Sign Ever”

  1. Princeton Grad Student Says:

    It’s a reference to the March on Washington for the Civil Rights Act where the signs read “Even Princeton”.  It’s a statement poking fun at the institution’s elitism …

  2. J.K. Trotter Says:

    Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. “Even Princeton” had nothing to do with the Civil Rights act.

    The sign refers to the March on Washington to end the War in Vietnam:


    Not the Civil Rights Act.

    Which is an extremely important detail, actually. Princeton wasn’t a huge actor during the Vietnam War. Hence “Even Princeton.” But Princeton played, and continues to occupy, an enormous role in Wall Street culture. 

    And attending an institution is the most meaningful endorsement of it.

    Good thing you brought this up, though. Because now it seems actually worse: this is like a bunch of politicians protesting some terrible policy their party came up with—while at the same time remaining in their party.

    I’ll repeat what I said before: dropping out en masse would be totally badass. I mean, wouldn’t it? Because it would mean that these students aren’t as cynical, nor as thoroughly caught up in their own nonsense, as this appropriated slogan portrays them to be.

  3. Rational Says:

    No. That would be dumb. That’s like saying “If you don’t want Romney for president you should totally just leave the country if he’s elected.”

    It’s like retreating. Giving up! White-flagging! Total pussy move.

    It’s totally OK for people to criticize something they’re part of if they’re asking it to change for the better and they themselves are working to be better.  

  4. J.K. Trotter Says:

    Point taken. But there’s an enormous degree of difference between transferring from one school or political party to another, and leaving the country for good. 

  5. DCStatehoodNow Says:

     Also there’s SO much more to Princeton than its stereotypical role as a feeder school to Wall Street (and no I’m not one of the protestors or a conservative). It offers one of the best educations in the nation, exceptional resources for undergraduates, more money per capita than any other educational institution in the US (I got to study in Italy over the summer for almost nothing!), and frankly, some of the coolest, most interesting, and least snobby (in both the traditional old money douchebag way and in the crunchy, we’re better than everyone because eat expensive organic food and refuse to shave our vaginas kind of way) people I know. I’m one of the most politically active and liberal students you can find…and I LOVE it here. This place is giving me the credentials I need to go out and get a job, and hopefully a job that I can use to actually make some change in the country. More of a change than I could make by transferring to Hamilton College in protest. Honestly, anyone who would transfer from Princeton in protest of the select few assholes who are obsessed with making it big on Wall Street would be an idiot and I would never take them seriously anyway.

  6. Vx Says:

    Agreed. You don’t change institutions’ images or cultures by dropping out of the them. You fight them from within.

  7. CitizenWhy Says:

    Where’s the picture of IvyGate marching?

  8. Mike Conrad Says:

    I’m not sure which is sadder: the sign itself or the notes below which indicate that some number of people still don’t get it, *even* when it’s pointed out to them. 

  9. CitizenWhy Says:

    It’s nice to see those Hispanics at Princeton marching along with the other P’s.

  10. anon Says:

    Princeton is a has been and has long lost its luster.

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