Yale’s Media Overlords Continue to Disappoint Important Journalist

Scandal! Some Yale students—“very bright kids, very much tuned into journalism, the managing editor types from the Yale Daily News and Yale Herald,” which describes almost everyone at Yale—have admitted to veteran journalist Bob Woodward that they would have totally reported the Watergate scandal for which Woodward if famous by—wait, no! please!using Google:

“I have attempted to apply some corrective information to them,” Woodward continued, “but the basic point is: The truth of what goes on is not on the Internet. [The Internet] can supplement. It can help advance. But the truth resides with people. Human sources.”

Let the Yale hate begin!

“One of the colleges asked students in a journalism class to write a one-page paper on how Watergate would be covered now,” said Bob Woodward, “and the professor — ”

“Why don’t you say what school it was,” suggested Carl Bernstein, sitting to Woodward’s left…

“Yale,” Woodward said. “He sent the one-page papers that these bright students had written and asked that I’d talk to the class on a speakerphone afterward. So I got them on a Sunday, and I came as close as I ever have to having an aneurysm, because the students wrote that, ‘Oh, you would just use the Internet and you’d go to “Nixon’s secret fund” and it would be there.’ ”

“This is Yale,” Bernstein said gravely.

But! But! The Yale Daily News! They—wait, no.

(The last quote, though: Was Woodward like, THIS is Yale? This IS Yale? This is YALE?)

Also! An NYU professor publicly doubted, on Facebook, Woodward’s claims on the gullibility of his Yale pupils, after which Woodward called for the professor’s retirement:

Woodward also told me he was outraged by Jay Rosen’s skeptical comments. “Jay Rosen ought to be ashamed and retire. That he would say that about somebody without checking. Someone who teaches students to think and weigh evidence, just at random says this? He ought to resign as a professor.” He added, “This only increases my distress about the Internet, and this rush to say anything.”

Rosen then apologized, though (unfortunately) he did that thing where otherwise enlightened individuals mention how many Facebook subscribers they have. (It’s 8,000, if you’re curious—we sure were!)

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  1. CLS student Says:

    Is it just me or is this article completely unreadable. I actually did not understand this… 

  2. Ash Says:

     Agreed- completely lacking in context.  You should actually have the quote are are referring too in the article.  Not force me to jump to another location to figure out what you are talking about.

  3. cc13 Says:

    it was a monday.

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