Yale Senior Teams Up With “Rent is Too Damn” Guy for Political Talk-Show

As the 2012 election nears, politicians across the board has been offering their esteemed opinions. But there has been one voice notably missing: former New York State gubernatorial candidate, and current presidential candidate, Jimmy “The Rent is Too Damn High” McMillan.

That changes tonight, when McMillan teams up with Yale senior Michael Knowles to premiere their new online political talk show “Too Damn Live.” In an interview with IvyGate, Knowles called the live show “a mixture between Firing Line and Ringling Bros circus” and said it would host a featured guest every week.

Knowles and McMillan first got acquainted when Knowles was working on Yale’s “Draft Mitch Daniels” campaign, and got McMillan to appear in a commercial (“the deficit is too damn high.”) Apparently, during filming, McMillan completely disregarded the script, leaving Knowles with “hours of comedic gold.”

A year later, the two crazy kids are back at it. Knowles even brought his partner in crime McMillan to Yale last week to do some filming, although apparently the former candidate for governor thought he was at the Ivy to deliver a lecture. In an impromptu move, McMillan ended up at Davenport College for lunch, where he got a chance to mix and mingle with some of America’s finest minds. And from all accounts, he was able to contribute some of his own, special, brand of … something.

To one young lady, McMillan said the totally non-creepy, “Don’t call me Jimmy. Call me Daddy.” When recounting his war experiences, McMillan said, “I fought the war in Vietnam, high as hell, and then came back and never smoked pot.” Enlightening stuff.

So, tonight at 8, McMillan and Knowles, which sounds like an awkward crime fighting team, hit the Internets again on chattrspace.com. For a quick preview, check out McMillan’s Groundhog Dog debate with fellow presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, moderated by none other than Michael Knowles. McMillan is a goldmine in this two-hour debate, with zingers such as:

  • “I’m gonna pack his ass with cocaine and send it to the moon.”
  • “I’m a karate expert and a Vietnam veteran. I will not let you know or tell you when I plan to whop your ass or how I plan to do it. I’m not John McCain.”
  • “Every time you drop a condom down the toilet, someone’s drinking somebody’s sperm.”

And the winner …

  • “That’s almost like Newt Gingrich in my bedroom telling me not to put my penis in. Stay out of the horses’ relationships and leave them alone. You’re a freak, and that’s all you want to do, is watch a horse have sex.”

Let’s hope for more of that tonight.

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