“Terry Richardson Tried to Finger Me”: Demi Moore’s 21-Year-Old Daughter Secretly Tweets Heavy Drug Use, Graphic Sex Life at Brown

Scout LaRue Willis ’12, wayward daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, is notable for attending Brown, being in a band with Jann Wenner’s son, supplying vocals to classmate Nico Jaar’s recent track, “As I Say”, and exposing her buttocks for some sort of fashion website—according to which Scout “is an open spirit that warms and lights up any cold space or empty soul within range.”

For the past four months, however, Scout has been updating a secret, pseudonymous Twitter account, on which she periodically mentions her “coke habit”“casually taking MDMA”, and “railing Klonopin”; makes strange, cinematically violent threats against her Brown classmates and others; posts amateur photography (such as this picture of her with Terry Richardson, for whom Scout apparently posed topless after Richardson tried to have sex with her); and of course spews lots of hipster nonsense—e.g., “Have you even READ the Wikipedia page for Gravity’s Rainbow?”

Due perhaps to said drugs, Scout has shared some insanely graphic accounts of her personal life, such as her (really) dirty laundry:

haven’t washed me sheets in like months, cum stains, soda stains, mascara on the pillows the works! finally taking then to the dry cleaners!

On December 31, Scout alerted her readers to her ongoing waxing session:

Getting my vag waxed as I tweet, was jut chastised by a tiny Russian woman for being so hairy

Two days prior, Scout bragged about having drug-fueled sex with a stranger:

Casually took MDMA at this little bar downtown and got fingered by the hot dude who delivered our munches because I was with too many gays

And, in November, Scout tweeted that New York provocateur Terry Richardson attempted to finger her:

Last night Terry Richardson tried to finger me, I didn’t let him, obviously. But I did let him photograph me topless in the bathroom.

Scout’s (poorly) disguised Twitter sometimes suggests its author’s true identity, often by referencing Scout’s work at StyleLikeU, a fashion website for which Scout models vintage apparel, writes unreadable essays, and submits to puffy interviews about her dorm room. The most damning evidence, however, involves a virtual pet website: Last November, Scout posted an iPhone screenshot of an email she received from Neopets (addressed to “Me LaRue”) which contained the login credentials for “ginbreath”, whose account owner has just one Neopet—a red Eyrie named “scoutlaruewillis.”

Many of Scout’s tweets are aggressively, unfunnily mean, all the more so because she publishes them behind a fake name. For example:

Dick bag in my ceramics studio won’t shut up about his weekend occupying kennedy plaza, Your pony tail is disgusting and I’ll never fuck you

For your enjoyment and/or horror, here are Scout’s more notable tweets:

24 Responses to ““Terry Richardson Tried to Finger Me”: Demi Moore’s 21-Year-Old Daughter Secretly Tweets Heavy Drug Use, Graphic Sex Life at Brown”

  1. Get a clue Says:

    This twitter is satirical….clearly…..wow guys.

  2. Unimpressed Brown '13 Says:

    Get some journalistic integrity, dude. This twitter was a final project for a class last semester that was 100% satire.

  3. Raymitheminx Says:


  4. world Says:

     raymi is a retard

  5. NOT a Meangrrl Says:

    Oh Scout, you are too deep for us mere mortals! How bout the booty shots on the bike? Satire too? Girlfriend is a total ho. Long as we’re calling Julia Stiles fugly and all… ;)

  6. Jimbo Says:

    Anybody with that much money and that kind of access to a first rate education who spends her time this way is an idiot. Open your eyes to what’s going on in the world. Kids being killed in Syria for example. You’re an immature and nasty little brat Scout. If you’re angry and bitter you have no one to blame but yourself. What a waste. Who did they reject from Brown so that Scout could get in? Ouch.

  7. blahblah Says:

     i didn’t realize they taught ‘how to post inappropriate, but even wildly crazy things on twitter’ at brown.  these read like they were written by half of the chicks i knew in uni – totally true to that type of experience. if this was fake then there was no reason to remove the account/tweets completely, it would make more sense to post that it was for a project, ie show that she has nothing to hide.

  8. YawnFest Says:

    I’m amazed she deleted it! Sounds like she is very proud of the train wreck that she is, as a student and as a human being taking up time and space on Planet Earth. I wouldn’t think embarassment could penetrate her drug addled little brain. Go Figure huh?

  9. Asdfoijasdf Says:

    Here is her youtube account: 

  10. Delivery_Guy_WhoFingered_Scout Says:

    That fucking HAPPENED!!!

  11. K_10manion Says:

    this is a stupid article….do your homework, IvyGate before you officially drag every Ivy Leaguer through the mud….

  12. Citizen # 1 Says:

    They should empty the Universities  , bring back Pol Pot…if any of you know who that is…

  13. Quinnfur Says:

    That’s sad… She has no morals whatsoever. Obviously the Twitter was real. I think we’ve all established that.

  14. joe Says:

    Bet she gets sued, hope she gets a knows job, hope she looks in the mirror before calling anything ugly

  15. Rkuhncrazy Says:

    “knows job”? really? oh, you ivy league-ers are just so intelligent…

  16. abbee2much4u Says:

    yep seen that missed spelled,so what?,and where in what he says does he say he ivy league?dumbass,rumor is dirt dog ugly amnd needs more than a f-ing nose job,bitch needs a face transplant!!!!!! how can her mom be that pretty and that bitch looks like the ugly tree beat the hell outta her??????wtf?

  17. stonesthrow Says:

    the misfortunes of a lost soul…

  18. SammyM Says:

    I thought The Willis kids were all pretty good kids… Apparently Scout has some serious issues, because there is no way she would say all that as a class project… And what the people around her must think of her. I feel bad for her, because she is apparently unhappy… And I wonder if the tweet abt drugs and anxiety attacks is a reference to how other family members handle their stress? I think they must not be as well adjusted as most people thought. What a shame.

  19. Richard Says:

    What a sad way to use up precious time in life Scout. You are certainly going through a “I hate myself and want others to hate me too” stage and say F-U to anyone who trys to help you out of your sorry self persecuting and screw the world funk. Wake up young lady, life is short as it is, and you can make it sweet or you can make it bitter, it’s all up to you lovely lady, pull yur head out of yur butt and find something both productive and personally satisfying to do in life, figure out how to make it earn money for you, and start respecting yourself as well as your family! Oh, and get some spirituality in your life, okay? It will help you to see life more clearly, and will give you the inner strength to make the changes you will need to make to lead a happy and healthy life full of love and prosperity for you before you levae this planet. I will be praying for you Scout. Agape.  papa ron, tampa, FL.

  20. TJtruthandjustice Says:

    I think Scout is hilarious and a good writer. What’s wrong with telling the truth once in a while? It’s called comedy. The self-righteous piety expressed in the comments section is written by the same people who got barfed on while passed out drunk and stoned in their dorm room hallways. Go get ’em Scout! Don’t apologize any more, don’t say it was for “a project,” just let it die. 

  21. guest Says:

    jk trotter: why are you so angry and bitter?  stop harassing brown students and get a life, scumbag. those tweets are satirical.  you should be embarrassed that your blogging is not.

  22. J.K. Trotter Says:

    You’re here about the film, right?

  23. diane Says:

    She sounds like she is less than a paid hooker!  I’ll pray for her.

  24. Chuck Says:

    i’d finger her

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