Swashbuckling Columbia Professor Marries His Student in Ceremony Emceed by Elena Kagan

Above the Law reports the thoroughly amusing courtship of Columbia Law professor and James Bond impersonator Philip Bobbitt and Columbia 3L Maya Ondalikoglu Bobbitt, whose “very intimate” wedding was officiated in December by former Harvard Law dean and sitting Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. Maya was a student in one of Bobbitt’s classes before the pair drove down to D.C. together for an academic conference. Upon their return, Maya withdrew from Bobbitt’s class, because “it just seemed improper for her to remain in the class, given what [the Bobbitts] knew about where [they] were heading.” (They married about four months later.)

The couple’s competing pedigrees—Princeton B.A., Yale J.D. vs. Penn B.A., Columbia J.D.—raise just one very, very important question: why wasn’t this announced in the Times wedding section two months ago? Seriously. The Bobbitts are genetically engineered for Sunday Styles. (Where else can anxious Ivy Leaguers scrutinize the mating rituals of their peers?) Well, it wasn’t for either spouse’s desire for privacy. Oh, Lord no:

Professor Bobbitt asked Justice Kagan if she would be willing to officiate, and she readily agreed. “She’s the most delightful person,” he said of Justice Kagan. “She said it was a terrific idea and she’d love to do it.”

The ceremony itself, held in the chambers of Justice Kagan, was very intimate, with fewer than a dozen guests. Two of Professor Bobbitt’s college classmates from Princeton — Jerome Davis, the Secretary of Columbia University, and Greg Treverton, former vice chair of the National Intelligence Council — were present. Maya was joined by some of her classmates from Penn.

Justice Kagan officiated. Her clerks had created a homemade “Just Married” sign for the occasion (which you can see in the photos below). Another old friend of Professor Bobbitt’s, Yale law professor Akhil Reed Amar, sent down several bottles of Veuve Clicquot.

“It was lovely,” Professor Bobbitt recalled. “Unfortunately, we had to come back to New York that night because we had to fly out the next morning to Europe for our honeymoon.”

“Just Married”! Delightful! Very intimate! Too bad, though, that the bride is not, as rumored, a Turkish princess:

In response to this rumor, Professor Bobbitt quipped: “A charming thought — she definitely has a royal attitude toward my closets — but as far as I know, she is not a princess to any recognized authority other than her Jack Russell.”

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    There is no Turkish prince or princess in Turkey since 1923.

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