Before Yale’s Upcoming “True Love Week”, Headline Speaker Published Fanatical Anti-Gay Tirades

“True Love Week” is a series of events organized by seven Yale students calling themselves Undergraduates for a Better Yale College. It’s formulated as an antidote to the concurrent Sex Week, which it believes “aggravates” rape and sexual harassment and enforces Yale’s “hook-up culture”. Though the leaders of UBYC have a history of moralizing—nearly all of them belong to Choose Life at Yale, the campus anti-abortion outfit—it’s not so clear, as it is for abortion, what their solution to “hook-up culture” involves. Nor is it clear what kinds of sexual behavior they deem appropriate for their peers. The group’s selection of speakers for True Love Week, however, provides a clue.

Meet Anthony Esolen, Princeton alum and English professor at Providence College, who will deliver “The Person as a Gift” for True Love Week on Monday. Before UBYC courted the scholar of Renaissance English Literature, Esolen wrote and published an elaborate, ranting, ten-part treatise against gay marriage, in which Esolen blames gay marriage for the destruction of platonic male friendshipsthe divorce rate of heterosexual couples, and the death of culture itself.

When IvyGate inquired about Esolen’s work, UBYC’s Bijan Aboutorabi told us that his “writings about same-sex marriage aren’t really in UBYC’s topical purview, so [he couldn’t] offer a comment on that subject.”

When we pointed out that UBYC is advertising True Love Week with an enormous pair of gold-plated wedding rings, another officer, Eduardo Andino, told us that UBYC “is not an organization which has been made to lay out a comprehensive philosophical system that addresses all sexual questions.”

You can read all of Esolen’s essays here: Part 1 and 2; Part 3 and 4; Part 5 and 6; Part 7 and 8; and Part 9 and 10.

Don’t want to, though? You’re in luck: here’s IvyGate’s official field guide to Professor Esolen’s elaborate conspiracy theory of gay people, in ten parts (with a bonus bit about lesbians):

1. Gay marriage is basically the same as unwed motherhood, abortion, and child abandonment:

Some people reckon up the losses from [the sexual] revolution in terms of percentages: of unwed mothers, of aborted pregnancies, of children growing up without a parent, usually the father.  It will take artists of the most penetrating insight to reckon up the losses as they ought to be reckoned, in human misery. SOURCE

2. Gay marriage is the end of civilization:

What man and woman do in the marriage bed is not “have” sex; the sex, that is the separation, they are provided with already.What they do is to unite, across the separation.And unless man and woman unite — and, given their differences, it always amazes me that they can — the culture cannot survive.The women will split away to protect their persons and their relatively few children; the unattached males will pass the dull hours in destruction. SOURCE

3. Gay marriage pits men and women against each other:

Men no longer celebrate the beauty of women they admire from afar, whose hand they aspire to hold; more to the point, men are no longer inspired by women, as Dante was by his Beatrice, and Petrarch by his Laura. The reasons are distressing. It takes a good man to admire a woman, and a good woman to be admired by a man. But does a good man snarl at woman, calling her names that I do not care to repeat here, or, even if he is too polite to use the words, treating her as such? Does a good woman look down with ignorant contempt upon her brothers?

Perhaps the reader will ask what homosexuality has to do with this problem. It is simple: the acceptance of homosexuality is predicated upon the tacit assumption that male and female are not made for one another. SOURCE

4. Gay marriage destroys chastity:

But how can we recommend chastity to the young, when we enshrine the principal that what they do with their genitals is strictly their own business, and that such activity is all for personal fulfillment? What value can sexual restraint possibly have, except as some cold, calculating means towards keeping one’s resume clean along the road to wealth and power? In particular, how can we even talk about chastity when we accept homosexuality? For a homosexual defines himself or herself by the action. A teenager calls himself homosexual because he has performed homosexual acts. SOURCE

5. Gay marriage destroys male friendship:

Confess, reader: if you come upon two teenage boys in a pond skinny-dipping, it is the first thing you will think, and you will think it despite the obvious fact that before bathing suits were invented it was the only way two boys could ever be found swimming. SOURCE

6. Gay marriage necessitates legalizing incest, having sex in public, bestiality, child abuse, and necrophilia:

On what grounds could we deny a marriage license to an adult brother and sister? Reasons of health? Not if the brother can prove he has had a vasectomy, or not if she can prove she has had her tubes tied. Why stop here? What about people whose desires cannot be fulfilled unless they perform sexual actions in public? Or with animals? Or with precocious children? Or with the dead — so long as the dead can be shown to have consented? SOURCE

7. Gay marriage will convince everyone to get divorced:

We must retrace our steps: we must bring some semblance of justice back to divorce law. But how can we do this, while legalizing homosexual “marriage”? Again, the principle for the legalization is simply that people have a right to “fulfill” themselves sexually. But some marriages are unhappy—or some people who are married come to think that it would be more “fulfilling” to leap over the fence. How can we deny them this? Or how can we blame them for it? How can we penalize the breaker of a family, when his or her motives are exactly the same as those we have blessed in the case of the homosexual. SOURCE

8. Gay marriage is in fact a psychosexual childhood quest for legitimacy (or something along those lines):

Whatever the cause, suppose a boy who is rejected by the most important males in his life: the neighborhood boys, or his brothers, or, most perilously, his father. The longing for male companionship does not go away; and remember, the boyish friendship is expressed with an active and frank physicality. What happens now may depend on other factors: the presence of some one friend in whom he can trust, or a loving father who will make rejection by the other boys pale in importance. Failing that, the boy must struggle on his own to define himself as a boy, or must accept that he “deserves” to be rejected by the others, because he is not a real boy. This struggle is for the central fact of the boy’s existence—and that too is unwittingly supported by homosexuals, who alone among people of all kinds of sexual habits associate their very identities with their longings. SOURCE

9. Gay marriage will treat gay people like adults:

If people understand that some folks are unfortunately attracted to members of their own sex, and if, while they neither seek to reveal it nor feel compelled to punish it, they make it known as a matter of cultural custom that they do not approve of it, then the homosexual is provided with a sane and merciful curb on his behavior.That explains why homosexuals seem to plunge further and further into the bizarre and self-destructive, precisely in those places where bigotry against them is slight or nonexistent. SOURCE

10. Gay marriage will make children think gay people exist:

If homosexual “marriage” is condoned, then of course kissing, holding hands, celebrating anniversaries, talking about your first date, and all the rest must be condoned.If a teacher can casually mention where he met his wife, then the homosexual teacher can casually mention where he met his husband. SOURCE

BONUS: Lesbianism is really bad:

The reader will have noticed that I have spoken mainly about male homosexuality, and have only lightly touched upon lesbianism.  Indeed I think lesbianism is the more dangerous of the two, involving a far more radical rejection of the opposite sex, though it would take a long and very different essay to delve into its etiology and the prognosis for a society that accepts it. SOURCE

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