Andrew Lohse’s Drunken Rampage and Arrest: The Important Bits

Is Andrew Lohse ‘12 telling the truth about hazing at Dartmouth? He says so—and apparently has pictures to prove it. Nobody, except Lohse and the College’s administration, has seen these pictures. (You would know if we had!) Furthermore, they do not depict everything he wrote about—just a lot of beer and someone vomiting. Where are these pictures? Lohse hasn’t provided a single one.

So it comes down to Lohse’s credibility. In other words, it’s important whether Lohse keeps his word, whether he is honest, whether he is principled—if, indeed, he has principles at all, besides those which relate to his own fame.

So Lohse’s record matters. And that record should give one pause.

Here’s what we know from Lohse’s alcohol-fueled bender in October 2011:

Andrew Lohse hurled a folding chair at Jessica Gilbert, a female Dartmouth Safety and Security officer:

[Gilbert] instructed the four to leave and one (later identified as [Andrew Lohse]) engaged her in argument resulting in [Lohse] throwing a chair at [Gilbert].

Relevant quote:

“I, my fellow pledges and all pledges since, have been implicitly encouraged to treat Dartmouth women with about the same respect with which we treated each other in our social spaces: none.”Andrew Lohse

Lohse willingly lied to the Hanover Police about throwing a chair at the female DSS Officer:

[Lohse] denied any knowledge of an incident on the Green and denied there was a confrontation with a DSS Officer.

Relevant quote:

“Despite Lohse’s various problems, Dartblog continues to stand by his assertions about fraternity hazing, which have been corroborated for us by numerous reliable sources.” —Joseph Asch

Lohse was sufficiently coherent to express that he “wanted to make sure his rights were protected”:

Sgt [Redacted] told me that [Lohse] was refusing to stay in bed and stay in the facility, then stated he was complying with everyone’s orders, he just wanted to make sure his rights were protected.

Relevant quote:

Lohse, who was arrested on May 19 for cocaine possession and witness tampering, entered a plea of no contest to the Class A misdemeanor charge of witness tampering.” The Dartmouth

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