Cornell Evicts TKE for 3 Years

Movin' on out!Bulletin! Cornell frat TKE has been officially disavowed by the university until at least 2015, reports the Daily Sun. Was anyone expecting otherwise? No. Nobody was expecting otherwise.

Interesting tidbit: In the last 12 years, TKE has turned up in just three Sun headlines:

After this rather steep dramatic arc comes a masterstroke of p.r. from TKE national (bolding ours):

Tom McAninch, TKE’s national spokesperson, said that the TKE brothers were not to blame for the hospitalization. McAninch said the freshman arrived at the event intoxicated and “was immediately escorted away from the function when [the TKE brothers] noticed he was intoxicated.”

“If anything, they should be commended for their actions,” McAninch said. “There’s no connection between [TKE] and the individual going to the hospital. Aside from him showing up at a recruitment event, there’s no connection there.”

Yes, TKE didn’t have anything to do with a hammered freshman going to the hospital. That’s exactly what Cornell says is the whole problem! From the Sun:

The board believes the members of TKE had an obligation to seek medical assistance for the freshman student, and while [the TKE brothers] claim he was ‘handed off’ to his roommate, it was insufficient action considering the risk to his health at that time,” the memo states.

It’s pretty breathtaking that the inaction of TKE (D.B.A. a wholly owned subsidiary of SAE) obliges a professional flack to praise a total lack of concern for others as some kind of virtue. Outside of Greektown, that’s just called being a jerk.

10 Responses to “Cornell Evicts TKE for 3 Years”

  1. Runlogan75 Says:

    that sucks

  2. Smith86 Says:

    you suck

  3. Ana Says:

    SAE was the mother of all evil at Cornell.

    With Love,
    Sig Chi

  4. fratbrochill Says:

    sucks to suck

  5. kvnsndrs423 Says:

    This is complete and utter bull. TKE did everything it should have. They brought him back to a safe environment and made sure he was being watched by someone that he could be trusted with. If they brought him to the hospital, the result would have been the same, with TKE getting blamed for the intoxication. Why was the group that actually got the kid deathly drunk not punished? People are too quick to blame fraternities for being at fault in these situations, which only gives them a bad rep and makes people that much more likely to blindly accuse them of stuff like this in the future. 

  6. Michaelanthony15 Says:

    I don’t see you going after the party responsible for getting this kid drunk in the first place. If this incident happened in any bar, club, restaurant, or sporting arena in NYC, security walks this kid out the door and does nothing more.

  7. Guest Says:

    Nothing screams “great journalism” like not trying to hide your anti-greek bias

  8. Guest Says:

    “YOU CALL THIS JOURNALISM?!?!?” is seriously my favorite bitchy retort on a gossip blog.

  9. Avenger205 Says:

    wholly owned subsidiary?? I’m sorry but SAE is a joke for getting kicked off then getting  TKE kicked off, TKE should have never let those GDI’s into their house in the first place

  10. Lorenzo Motley Says:


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