Woman killed, two injured after truck hits tailgaters at Harvard-Yale football game

According to the New Haven Police Department, a U-Haul truck driven by a Yale student struck three people, killing a 30-year old woman from Massachusetts, shortly before 10 AM this morning near the Sigma Phi Epsilon tailgate before the annual Harvard-Yale football game. Another victim is in serious condition, and a third victim suffered minor injuries.

The Yale Daily News reports:

As the U-Haul drove through the Yale Bowl’s Lot D, the site of the Sigma Phi Epsilon tailgate for which it was bound, the U-Haul accelerated and ran into the three victims before crashing into a smaller U-Haul, [New Haven Police Department Spokesman David Hartman] said. Students at the scene reported seeing emergency responders giving one of the victims CPR for 10 minutes. The section of the tailgate where the collision occurred has been closed off and is being treated as a crime scene. The tailgate continued through the morning, uninterrupted.”

The Harvard Crimson:

As the U-Haul entered Lot D—the largest parking facility at the Yale Bowl—the truck turned left and accelerated quickly, according to eyewitnesses. It struck the three women before hitting another U-Haul truck, which in turn hit a third.”

As of this post’s writing, the identity of the driver, who is being held for questioning, has not been released. The driver has not been charged with a crime.

The Harvard-Yale football game was held as planned, and there was a moment of silence for the victims during halftime.

This is a developing story; we will provide updates as they come in.

Update 11/20: The identity of the driver has been confirmed as  Brendan Ross, Yale ’13. He has not been charged with a crime, and is not currently in custody. The identity of the woman killed has been confirmed as 30-year old Nancy Barry of Salem, Mass. According to the Yale Daily News:

A press release from the NHPD said Ross passed a field sobriety test after the accident. In a Sunday afternoon statement, William Dow ’63, Ross’ New Haven-based lawyer, said Ross and his family expressed their sincere condolences at Barry’s death, adding that it appeared to be the result of a “vehicle malfunction.”

5 Responses to “Woman killed, two injured after truck hits tailgaters at Harvard-Yale football game”

  1. yalie Says:

    This is such a terrible accident. Let’s hope that there’s not media speculation before we get all the information. 

  2. D13 Says:

    Word on the street, there were  drunk pledges in the back of the U-Haul.

  3. yalie14 Says:

    Sigep doesn’t have pledges.

  4. yalie13 Says:

    They shouldn’t have released his name. He’s one of the nicest guys on campus, and he doesn’t deserve all the hate that people are putting out. Whatever happened, this accident was clearly unintentional. 

  5. Northcove747 Says:

    Wish they had done a blood test on the truck driver, just another case of American
    Elite Justice by the NHPD

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