Occupy the Ivies: An Overview

Here’s a rundown of the Occupy Wall Street movement around the Ivy League campuses, ranked in order of excitement:

Columbia – Hundreds (thousands?) of Columbia students have been to the protest at some point over the last few weeks; the catchphrase around campus is “have you gone yet?” A large walkout took place last Wednesday. Some students arrested earlier. University President and over 300 professors declare support for Occupy Wall Street; Jeffrey Sachs leads a pack of  students downtown to join protests and avoid watching the football team get ransacked by Penn at Homecoming.

Harvard – Scores of Harvard students join Occupy Bostonfive arrested. Harvard doesn’t get much appreciation, though: a Boston Herald op-ed slams student protestors for their $50,000 tuitions and lovely, neo-Georgean dorms with – gasp – private bathrooms! Also, labor unions protest Harvard as a ‘tool of corporations’.

Brown – Econ, history, poli sci, and sociology professors hold an Occupy Providence Teach-In inside a lecture hall packed with “several hundred people.” Meanwhile, Occupy College Hill begins meeting 3x a week on Brown’s Main Green, and even has their own wiki page. Not so disorganized, after all!

Yale – Students will Occupy New Haven this weekend; counter-protest group led by the Yale College Republicans announces it will “Occupy Occupy New Haven“.  Awww snap!

Cornell – Some Cornellians trek to New York City and join protests, others Occupy Cornell on Friday (minutes from the protest here). One op-ed’er tells protesters to “stop protesting and study for LSATs.” Not sure how that one’s gonna work out.

PennOccupy Philly receives statement of support from 87 faculty. Penn students travel to protests in Philidelphia (includes a glorious quote by a Wharton sophomore who supports the movement anonymously, saying his sentiments are “not consistent with the general sentiments of Wharton”).”Occupy Wharton” Facebook group is a dud.

Dartmouth – Protesters standing around on a patch of grass apparently want to cure AIDS, stop climate change, and elect Ron Paul.

Princeton – Little online evidence that anybody at Princeton gives a damn, other than one student op-ed calling protesters throwing his support behind the movement after being pleasantly impressed by the  “jobless potheads” and “banjo-strumming hippies”.

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10 Responses to “Occupy the Ivies: An Overview”

  1. :o Says:

    Can we occupy occupy occupy New Haven?

  2. Trosntar Says:

    Look, I like to bag on Princeton as much as the next guy but you guys either need, but you just took your quotes from that Princetonian article completely out of context.  Actually worse than out of context – the author’s use of the phrases “jobless potheads” and “banjo-playing hippies” was obviously in the service of attributing those views to others (the media etc.).

  3. Wilfred Chan Says:

    You’ve brought up a fair criticism and I’ve modified the post to more accurately reflect the spirit of his op-ed. 

  4. Jon Mack Says:

    There is nothing wrong with someone from an elite background standing up for justice. Frances Perkins, for instance was one of the greatest democratic Americans, and she was from privilege. Of course she is forgotten because she’s a woman.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Trying to impress a cute feminist, Jon?

  6. Jay Says:

    Just a little bit of “online evidence” to help out Princeton’s last-place ranking — https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=253323514714544 (a couple of campus events, organized trip into the city). And of course Cornel West!

    I wouldn’t say that’s significantly different from the participation by most other Ivies…

  7. Hfadsjk Says:

    Not that much happened at Columbia – this is a bit of an exaggeration

  8. Penn Says:

    It happened on Friday at Penn if you missed it


  9. pugrad Says:

    Here’s another gem from a Princeton student: //i.imgur.com/Bxilw.png

  10. Maxcaviar Says:

    hippies smell

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