Yale Daily News Among the “Gutsiest Campus Newspapers,” Just For Heckling James Franco

In a column this past February, YDN writer Cokey Cohen griped that her classmate — MacArthur Genius and Yale Ph.D candidate James Franco — was bad at Twitter. Little did Cohen know at the time the firestorm she’d set off, nor could she have understood its (apparently) enduring impact.

As we all now remember, Franco — upon reading Cokey’s pointed critique — proceeded to MSPaint the angriest self-portrait to ever take a shot at the News. (We’re guessing.) And, while we made light of it at the time, the episode has apparently done more than just fuel the actor’s weird, long-standing, and often uncomfortable performance-art experiment — because Mother Jones magazine just recognized it as one of the “gutsiest” acts of college journalism in 2011.

We reached out to Cokey yesterday, wondering how she felt about the accolade. Theretofore unawares, she sent us the following reply: “Wow, that’s unexpected. I don’t really think that whole incident lives up to the standard of gutsiness Mother Jones set with their other examples.*” Which, you know, is a pretty good point. Strange choice, MoJo.

*Among the other examples to which Cokey referred: Columbia’s Bwog — not actually a newspaper —  was singled out for its amazing reportage of the Columbia Five drug bust last fall. There was an honor well earned.

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