RagTime: Everyone Is Mad At Everyone Edition

Conflict! Everywhere we look, somebody’s got beef with somebody else. We’ve got Brown liberals vs. ROTC; Brown conservatives vs. Brown liberals; Columbians vs. Columbia; Elizabeth Warren vs. Scott Brown; and Joe Lieberman’s jowls vs. gravity. Here are today’s headlines:

  • Brown: Students raise a commotion over possible return of ROTC, imminent elimination of multiple athletic teams. [Daily Herald]
  • Brown: It’s honestly remarkable it took this long for someone to write the semester’s first “Brown hates Republicans” column. [Daily Herald]
  • Columbia: Morningside Heights is an inhospitable urban wasteland bereft of human warmth or kindness, apparently. [Spec]
  • Cornell: This stream-of-consciousness narrative — set in a Subway franchise and weirdly critical of carbonated beverages — mostly just confuses the hell out of us. But in a good way? [Daily Sun]
  • Harvard: Wonky law-school professor launches Senate bid against former Cosmopolitan model. Synecdoche. [The Crimson]
  • Penn: “At an institution that constantly emphasizes the importance of building relationships with professional firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley…I wonder if students increasingly overlook the value of building relationships with everyday people.” Well, what kind of bonuses do everyday people offer? [DP]
  • Yale: Go away, Joe Lieberman. [YDN]

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