Famous Rapper Stiffs Cornell Bar on $1,000 Vodka Bill

Man, isn’t it just the coolest when a notable performer comes to play at your school and then sticks around to party with the students afterwards? (Also, objectively, a little bit weird, but fucking rockstars, dood!)

Well, Cornell played host to rapper B.o.B. on Sunday Saturday night, and afterwards he and his entourage headed straight for Level B, a basement-level Collegetown bar most famous for its wide selection of plastic zoo animals. The crew racked up a $1,060 tab, most of it spent on Grey Goose vodka, and then ditched the joint before paying the bill.

The Cornell Sun’s Jeff Stein reports:

Level B owner Brad Weiss said that B.o.B. and his coterie of about 12 people ordered three bottles of $300 Grey Goose Vodka, received a complimentary bottle of champagne and were given priority service at their reserved bar space. But later in the night, the group left without paying its bill, which would have included $160 in gratuity, according to Anthony Vipond ’07, B.o.B.’s  principal waiter on Saturday.

Vipond said that, bill in hand, he chased B.o.B. and his entourage onto the street, hoping to receive compensation for the hour-and-a-half he spent serving the group.

“[B.o.B.’s manager] said, ‘We’re doing you a favor for not charging you … When we go to clubs, we get paid to come,’” Vipond said.

The bar’s owner decided not to pursue legal action against B.o.B., and said it wasn’t his wallet that hurt, but his pride. Which, OK, sure. But how much more interesting would this story be with cops and/or lawyers involved. Alas, the road not taken.

Seriously, though. What is going on with the Cornell bar scene?

4 Responses to “Famous Rapper Stiffs Cornell Bar on $1,000 Vodka Bill”

  1. Jacque Danieles Says:

    B.o.B sucks…

    Why would any bar pay him to make a “celebrity” appearance?

  2. Corey Brezak Says:

    Level B could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now …

  3. Jon Mack Says:

    The bar could exploit the celebrity. This is where he sat (whatever his name is). This is what he ordered. This the bill he refused to pay. Blah blah. Yes, bars/clubs in NYC pay celebrities to hang in them. The appearance of celebrities (gods of our post-modern pagan cults) turns bars into temples bestowing special mysterioso blessings, or sexual titillations. 

    Maybe someone – or a frat – could pay part of the bill and a note sent to what’s his name  saying they were happy to buy him a drink. Bragging rights – I bought that guy a drink! And now he owes me. … I could think of other ways to exploit the situation while assuaging the owner’s pride by making what’s his name the celebrity look uncool.

  4. Jacque Danieles Says:

    It’s tiny Ithaca. The only people who go to Level B are Cornell students (it’s literally a two-minute walk from campus in a part rarely visited by locals). Celebrity appearances won’t magically boost the club’s business; its pool of customers is pretty fixed. And besides, B.o.B sucks!

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