RagTime: Ugh, This Again? Edition

Another summer come and gone, and here we are again, probably still drunk, reading the same Ivy dailies that we were last May. Here’s to another year of higher education, hopefully filled with as much debauchery and nonsense as the last.

  • Cornell: University institutes freshman ban on Greek functions, effective immediately. Greeks like “WTF!” [Daily Sun]
  • Cornell: New sex columnists reflect on themes of Justin Timberlake film. [Daily Sun]
  • Columbia: Blogger shocked to discover that Brooklyn is uncomfortable, far from everything, full of alcoholics. [Spectrum]
  • Dartmouth: Columnist delivers rousing account of the classes she registered for this semester. [The Dartmouth]
  • Penn: FLASH — Earthquake that caused minimal damage everywhere else also caused minimal damage in Philly. And thus, Penn remains the most unapologetically interesting Ivy. [The DP]
  • Princeton: If the university bans freshman-year rush, but nobody notices, did it really even happen? [The Prince]

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