Cooking Meth: A Bad Way to Pay for Your Eighth Year of Grad School

A Dartmouth grad student was arrested on Sunday after police discovered what they believe to be a meth lab in his apartment. Whoops! How’d that get there?

“An investigation into ‘possible chemicals'” led authorities to Randy Lambreghts’ domicile on Sunday evening, according to the Dartmouth. Soon thereafter, police presence multiplied, and it wasn’t long before the 28-year-old was in handcuffs:

After several items were taken from the apartment during the search for further analysis, Lambreghts — a Belgian citizen who has attended Dartmouth as a graduate student for the last seven years — was taken into custody, the Union Leader reported.

A Dartmouth student who lives near Lambreghts’ apartment contacted us last night to speculate about the possibility of a meth bust. Asked for more information, the tipster shared the following details about the police activity at the crime scene:

Dartmouth Safety & Security responded first, they had three vans there.  Hanover PD had three cruisers and a police pickup, plus there was a fire truck.  My first thought was that it was a carbon monoxide thing, but I saw two cops running around the back with their hands on their sidearms.

Scary! But also, they’re in the middle of the woods in the middle of New Hampshire, so wasn’t this bound to happen sooner or later?

If you have any information about Lambreghts or the bust, shoot us an email at

17 Responses to “Cooking Meth: A Bad Way to Pay for Your Eighth Year of Grad School”

  1. Niles Donegan Says:

    One night, years ago, I caught Randy walking around our microbiology lab in bare feet while using a plate reader.  We wrote to his professor and told him that Randy was never allowed in our lab without an escort.

  2. Anonkneedmoose Says:

    Good job Niles . . . spread the dirt before the kid is found guilty.  Gossip much?  You slimy little snitch.

  3. Niles Donegan Says:

    And you’re reading this blog for scientific reasons?  It’s a gossip blog, you hypocrite!

  4. Anonkneedmoose Says:

    You’re faculty at an ivy league institution.  Act like it.

  5. Anonkneedmoose Says:

    doh, nevermind.  I see you’re just a piss-ant student, spreading gossip about your classmates.  

  6. Tina Marshalls Says:

    Oh my, someone doesn’t know the difference between undergrads, grad students, or post-docs.

  7. Dart MCB Alum Says:

    So what?  This isn’t criminal.  You people were just uptight.  You should have asked him to wear shoes as any normal colleague would have done.

  8. Anonkneedmoose Says:

    Snappy headline, except, of course, one doesn’t typically pay for a PhD in the life sciences.  Randy’s tuition was free, and he received a stipend plus free healthcare.  There was no reason for him to do this.  This is just sad.

  9. Niles Donegan Says:

    Actually, after seven years of grad school, even the most patient of professors will start to consider cutting you off from your stipend.  And stipends are pretty low compared to what the rest of your cohort is earning, so it’s not like you’re living the high life.    Producing illicit materials with research materials (acetic anhydride + morphine, for example) would be a great way to boost the cash flow for less scrupulous individuals.  

  10. Alum Says:

    What do you have against Randy Lambreghts?

  11. Tina Marshalls Says:

    Oh anonymous alum, what’s your real name?

  12. Alum Says:

    Uh, does it matter?

  13. Randy's classmate Says:

    I have not read a single indication anywhere that Randy sold anything that he produced.

  14. Dart MCB Alum Says:

    In fact, it is not even a fact that he produced anything at all.

  15. Jon Mack Says:

    More facts, or a bit more factish narrative, please. What was he studying? Why not say something about how easy it is for meth labs to explode? Possible forest fire? Plus speculation on who his customers were. Are they now wandering around twitching? Ratchet the gossip up a notch, we need more titillation. Maybe a human interest angle on how his customers are being forced to suffer, through no fault of their own.

  16. Brboosel Says:

    I doubt a Dartmouth student is capable of cooking good meth on his own.  May be …….after 7  long freaking years of training by DMS and DC fakulty. Oops! Randy’s web page does not exist anymore, what a cheap way to save Dartmouth.

  17. Not a fan of Dartmus Says:

    I am completely appalled at what Donnegan is saying. Kicking
    people when they are on the ground… that’s pretty low, bro. And throwing mud at
    Dunlap, by association… What do you want him to do – lock all the chemicals up
    after he leaves the lab? If your mentor did that to you, you’d still be
    finishing up your PhD – if that. Randy is a big boy, he did what he did and got
    caught doing that. It is a sad story, a waste of a pretty good mind, if you ask
    me, but what’s done is done. I am sure Jay would now wish he’d do things
    differently, but it is too late for that too.

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