Desdunes’ Mother on Cornell SAE: “I Want Those Kids To Take Responsibility For Their Actions”

Marie Lourdes Andre appeared on NBC’s “Today” show this morning for a conversation with Matt Lauer about her $25 million wrongful death lawsuit against Cornell’s SAE. Andre filed suit against the fraternity earlier this week, a little more than four months after her son, George Desdunes, was found dead following a night of “reverse-hazing.” She appeared alongside two of her attorneys, and all three made it very clear that they intended to ensure that nothing like her son’s death could ever happen at SAE-Hillcrest again.

Watch the video below:

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3 Responses to “Desdunes’ Mother on Cornell SAE: “I Want Those Kids To Take Responsibility For Their Actions””

  1. Asdhadgd Says:

    Can anyone provide a copy of the actual lawsuit?

  2. Sjm23 Says:

    Haha…25 million…get real.  2nd thing- that this will never happen..hah. It’s called the typical college frat experience behind closed doors.  I know the naysayers will say that’s bad that you say that.  Well, that’s reality not pretend world.  Freshmen will be freshmen and find ways to get in frat/sorority mixers, etc.  I second asdfghgkl’s comment, where is the actual lawsuit to see details.

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